Heartcatch Precure 16-The Drama! Well, Drama club

Returning to Heartcatch Precure where a lot has happened since my last post on the series. Although the episode that I’ve returned to, episode 15, was once again the episodic stories. Still, it was a pretty darn good one. I think Psgels put it’s best in one of his earlier episodic posts about the series, when have you seen a Magical Girl series kick this much butt?

Poor Tsubomi

The episode follows the leader of the drama club and her failure to work with the other members. It was the execution of the episode, however, that really made it work, with the juxtaposition of the Fashion Club and the Drama Club. At this point, I’d like to join the Fashion Club, it does look like a lot of fun.

Although Erika's passion is kinda scary.

I’m sure I’ve mentioned this before, but one thing I enjoy about the show is that the introduce and develop characters, and then keep using them. I loved seeing more of the little girl’s sister, and she’s so cute.

This guy just keeps getting classier and classier.

The show at this point is putting more emphasis on the drama and characters then the fights. The fights are very short, and frankly, boring me. However, the other elements of the show are working well enough that I’m not going to hold it against the show. For now.

And while this is a children’s show, and must have a happy end, I was cheered by the end.

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4 responses to “Heartcatch Precure 16-The Drama! Well, Drama club

  1. dood

    Erika is awesome in this episode, so many funny facial expressions.

  2. dood

    The url for this post says its episode 15.

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