So I’ve finally returned to Black and Blue Socks after temporarily not being allowed on the internet after I had a mental breakdown. A breakdown everyone could see coming I suppose, although there wasn’t much anyone could do. A lot of crap happened at once. The internet drama didn’t help. Gah. I’m still getting nasty comments that I’m no longer approving. I kinda dislike the internet now. The internet is one place you can’t be yourself is you have a disorder. The internet really is a place where people relish there’s no consequences for their actions, especially when they can hide behind the mask of anonymity. People will get their kicks by tearing you apart and breaking you. Some people just decide you have an evil ulterior motive of wanting attention or trying to emotionally blackmail people. Although there are still a lot of people who accept you the way you are and nice people. Impz commentary on the issue surprised and touched me, just because at this point, I’d accepted that most people don’t really care.

Except it kinda goes without saying that not everything is going to be like it was before.

At least until I go to college, my parents want and are going to push for me to cut down of my internet. After having gone over a week without internet, it’s pretty easy to adjust to not having it, actually. Still, that means I won’t be posting as much. On top of that, my mom had a conversation with me today on how once I graduate, “You’re going to be an adult, you can’t act the way you act on your blog anymore.’ Basically, a talk on how she wants me to be squeaky clean and have nothing offensive on my blog in case any future employers see my blog and are turned off. Of course, we avoided the topic of how no employer would probably want to hire me after seeing that I was a hardcore anime fan to the point I wrote a BLOG about it. I don’t see myself changing my blog that way at this point, but parental pressure can change things.

So what now? Well, come this month, I have been blogging for two years, so technically it’s time for my ‘death’. Although rather then die, I’m just going to ease up on the blogging and while I’ll still update, not at the same volume, and to allow some other newer blogs to take the spotlight. I had my fun in the sun, and after recent events, I want to be a low-profile blogger.

Also, there will probably be more book and movie reviews and this my shift to be a more ‘general’ blog with less anime in my life. Ho hum. We’ll see.


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19 responses to “Update

  1. Janette’s a common enough name that nobody should be able to find you. Not only have I successfully hidden from employers, I’ve successfully hidden from friends, classmates, and my own family. Nobody in real life knows my secret identity.

  2. It really is a shame that some people on the internet are utter jerks with no regard for or even comprehension of other people’s feelings.

    Good luck in real life! I’ll look forward to your updates when they happen, whether they’re about anime or not.

  3. I’m probably one of those that wishes everyone could have fun, problem is that no one knows where enough is enough. Internet, like you mentioned, is the place where those unwanted situations happen more frequently.

    For the blogging part. I’d probably hide the fact that I keep a blog myself. Actually knows one knows it except for myself. Not because I’m ashamed but mainly because they aren’t the “audience” I’m writing for after all.

    • I mention the fact I blog here and there, but since I don’t really have any real life anime fan friends, I don’t talk about it that much.

    • RP

      Ditto re: the blogging part. In reality, you’re not going to be looking for any significant employment where employers are going to be doing any sort of searching or background check on you until you graduate (and that would depend on what work you take on), so it’s not something I’d worry about “exposing.” Besides, it’s unlikely that any of your blog work will have much value for proving yourself at work, or as a candidate for work. The only major exception would be writing samples, but you’ll have plenty of (better) opportunities to build on that at college.

      Either way, I’m glad to hear you’ll be exploring more diverse interests. I’ve always thought that anime =/= life. And life > anime. Disconnecting is not a bad thing. I definitely don’t do it enough myself, but the world flies by. Anime will always be there if and when you want it. But the world flies by and the opportunities to catch it at its best are much more fleeting.

  4. mefloraine

    I couldn’t think of anything to say that wasn’t stupid, so I’ll just go with, I hope you end up as happy as possible. ^^

  5. Well actually, good writing would probably be a plus when you’re looking to get a job, even if you’re writing about anime. Good jobs (ie: not retail) want passionate people, and if you show you can express yourself well with something your passionate about, it can help.

    Anyway, welcome back to the Internet!

  6. I really hope that you’re doing better now, and I’m so sorry that you had to go through what you did – especially at such a difficult time for you. I’m so glad to see you back, though, and I hope you’ll still be at least somewhat active on the blog! As always, take care of yourself and good luck with everything. ^^

  7. I’m glad you’re back, too. I’ve been journaling on the internet (I dislike the terms “blog” and “blogging” more than I really should) since 2001, though not always about anime, and I haven’t died yet. I guess I’m an outlier, but if you like anime (or anything; books, music, movies, whatever) and like writing (for an audience, presumably), I say you should continue to do it.

    And I know plenty of “adults” who still act like children on the internets. (Not that you act like a child on this blog, but I’m referring to what your mom said. And what’s so wrong about acting like a child, anyway?) I don’t know what your aspirations are, but a (regularly updated) blog can actually boost your chances of finding a job in some markets.

    Anyway, glad you’re back, even if it’s less than before, and that’s my $.02

  8. Hey, it’s nice to have you back! People on the internet are sometimes very mean, but there are also a lot of people online (like Impz) willing to help you out. Plus, I’m happy that your family and your friends were able to help you get through that difficult time.

    But I won’t spend too much of your time. I’m just happy you’re back and you’re okay! I give you the best of luck. To summer and college! (Also, tell your boyfriend that he’s lucky he found such a great person. You both have my best wishes! =D)

  9. Good to see you back, I was worried if you left permanently D:

    Frankly, cutting back a bit on the blogging properly be good simply for getting more academic time during college; I know it would be a disaster if I took up blogging proper during my college days.

    And as some have said, employers won’t find your blog lest you hook it up to facebook or personally-identified sites. More importantly, if an employer reject you for something like this… than chances are they’re probably not worth working for (=_= ). It would be like trying to make friends with someone who can’t accept your hobbies – said work will not be pleasant.

  10. steelbound

    I’m glad you’re doing better, I was starting to worry about you.

    I think it’s a good point about being mindful of what you post online and it’s real-life ramifications but a blog is probably one of the most anonymous ways to interact with people online, provided you don’t give your full name/location/sex/age/etc. Even so, I’ve always posted with the idea that my mom could read my blog someday which is enough to make me keep my blog clean of language, avoid dwelling on seedier sides of anime, and keep the pictures I post family-friendly (no using pics of 2-D cleavage to enhance my hit counter).

    According to my sister, my local college is telling students that it’s probably best to delete their facebook/other social networking accounts because those are detrimental to future job chances. They also said that blogs are okay as long as they can’t be traced to you.

    Watching politicians spin as much as they do, you having an anime blog shouldn’t be a bad thing if you talk about it right. It’s not an anime blog; it’s a Japanese cultural blog, for example. You can mention that you wanted to start your blog to interact with people from many nations to become more multi-cultural. Which is not a lie, the majority of people in the English-speaking anime fandom happen to be outside of America, according to my flag counter. And, as others had said, running a blog while keeping your grades up shows that you are hard-working and can be passionate about something while still be dependable.

    I love the internet but I don’t give it more importance then it’s really worth. The last couple of summers I’ve gone on vacations with the family and on one we didn’t have the internet for the week and on the other I was too busy relaxing on the beach to spend more then a few minutes on the internet. I didn’t miss it that much, there are many ways to entertain myself (books, anime, video games, hanging with family/friends, etc.) that didn’t include the internet. Though I’d quickly run out of anime to watch without the internet 🙂 .

  11. Yi

    Do what makes you happy. ^ ^
    Good luck and I hope you’re still able to enjoy blogging despite all the things that happened.

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