Middleman Review

Episode Count: 12

Summery: Middleman follows the story of Wendy Watson from the point where she begins her job as The Middleman with her boss. The Middleman position is a job that deals with bizarre supernatural crimes, run by a strange force. Wendy finds herself dragged from one outrageous assignment to the next while dealing with the inner turmoil in her life.

Why I Picked It Up: My boyfriend suggested *cough forced me to cough*that I should watch it.

Why I Finished It: Middleman is a very entertaining show. It’s a semi-episodic show that takes common clichés within the urban fantasy/sci-fi/horror genre as well as other entertainment clichés and makes fun of them. The result? With the help of colorful characters, it’s weird, but hilarious. We watch Wendy tackles a variety of things, from zombie fish to a couple of vampire puppets in love. At the same time, Wendy deals with some relatable real life issues and grows as a character. The usual episode will have Wendy tackle a supernatural adventure and life crisis in the same episode.

Also, Wendy Watson is incredibly hot.

But: Middleman isn’t perfect. While there aren’t glaring errors, there are little things, something such as the acting or the honestly cheesy special effects that feel off here and there. However, there’s nothing that hurts the overall enjoyment of the show. Also, there is only one season of the show, which is a double edged sword of leaving the viewer with the sense of ‘wow this is amazing’ but at the same time, an ache of what could have been.

Who Would I Recommend This To: Anyone who enjoys watching the genres that the Middleman makes fun of, as well as a hot babe (in a geeky sense) kicking butt.

Rating: 4/5

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  1. Oh good, I was hoping you’d post a review of this. Remind me that I need to let you borrow the comic some time. 🙂

    …wait, what is this “forced me to”? 😛

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