Angel Beats 06: The Series is Not Half Over! I Refuse to Believe It!

Is it a just me thing, or is the series getting better at being funny? I was very amused by the student’s distractions in the classroom. Although the funny part of this episode was brief, as it was mostly a serious episode.

We get to learn more about Angel as a character, and Angel and Otonashi reconcile after grabbing a meal during break causes them to end up in a prison cell. It seems that while Naoi is on a power trip, the school had crazy strict rules in the first place. I’m not sure what to make of Tachibana, while I’m sure she’s human-watch as I’m wrong-she’s not like the rest of them. Mainly, it’s weird she hasn’t disappeared. I think she is a human who was granted powers by ‘God’, let’s say version 1, to maintain order in the world. However, when Yuri and the SSS started causing problem beyond Tachibana’s control, ‘God’ placed Otonashi in the world, version 2, to restore order.

The carnage that Naoi had caused was pretty horrible. While I know no one can die in this world, it was still terrifying. Kinda like something you’d see in Higurashi. I thought it was interesting, how when both Yuri and Otonashi were expecting Tachibana to fix things, Otonashi was actually the one who did. I was surprised Naoi didn’t disappear though.

The fact he did, and restored order, I feel is support to my theory of Otonashi being God’s representative. On top of stopping Naoi, he encouraged Tachibana that she was needed and to do something.

I’m not exactly sure where the next episode will go from here. Guess we’ll see. I’m thinking something filler-esque.

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  1. I think Tachibana is human. She is a mystery, though. Why was she surprised that her favorite food was Ma Po Tofu? Is that a sign that she also has amnesia? I wish we got the story of her past life out of her. At least I think that would be revealing. And, damn, it must be a tough life watching all of your friends disappear.

    I did not expect Naoi to go quite in the direction he did. I still think he is gonna disappear. If he does, I will see it as support for your Otonashi = God’s representative theory.

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