The anti-tsundere message of B Gata H Kei

Although B Gata H Kei has sparked a surprising amount of discussion, the one thing that no one has seemed to talk about is the fact that Yamada tries to poke fun at the idea of a tsundere.

When trying to woo Kosuda, Yamada adopts an angry disinterested attitude while giving off characteristics often associated with tsundere characters—such as blushing when Kosuda asks her about the chocolates. The viewers know that this tsundere front that Yamada gives off is an act, and not her true self. Furthermore, this front acts to only confuse and often discourage Kosuda, while Yamada views acting in such a way as a success, causing miscommunication between the characters.

While this miscommunication is pretty amusing, it also seems to be mocking the perception that tsundere is sexy. B Gata H Kei presents the tsundere quality in a negative light, and suggests that it’s ridiculous to think that anyone would really want a tsundere girl as that would lead to many mixed signals.

Also, B Gata H Kei presents anything that Yamada tries to do as the wrong thing, supported by the fact that it usually backfires in her face. Since the tsundere trick is one of those things that she tries that isn’t working for her, it’s a mistake.

While I concede I don’t really know my history of anime girls, I would guess that a tsundere was anime’s opposite to the idea of the ‘nice girl’ while still trying to make a ‘not nice girl’ someone the viewer wouldn’t hate. Hence, the soft side of the tsundere. I can’t really speak either on whether a relationship with a real one would be ridiculous or not, real life attraction makes no sense, and people fall for other people regardless of whether they’re nice people or not. All entertainment forms of romance is a fantasy in the idea that one can apply logic to it.

Still, watching an anime boldly take a popular concept in anime, and mock it the way that B Gata H Kei is one of the things I like about the show. It’s like watching an anime show come out and scream “Moe Sucks!”. While I do have an unhealthy love for tsundere characters, seeing anything that mocks the norm appeals to me.

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One response to “The anti-tsundere message of B Gata H Kei

  1. They pretty much exemplified why Tsundere in real life is not cute, just troublesome, srsly.

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