Latest Recommendations on MAL

Anyone who knows the website My Anime List is aware that when you load the website, on the main page, one of the things that come up the latest additions to their recommendations, basically, if you like one anime, you’ll like this. I’ve found this useful, but honestly, many things on My Anime List vary in quality from really bad to actually good. With that in mind, I’ve saved some of my favorites on the latest recommendations page that made me laugh for one reason or another.

Isn’t that the point of this point of MAL?

Good news! If you’re ‘sleeping’ with someone, you’re no longer a virgin! Yes, I know that ‘sleeping with’ can mean multiple thing, but I also know the general connotation…

Sorry to dash your hopes and beliefs, but I think by now you know that you’re not an ESPER.

I admit it. I laughed.

Burn, baby, burn. Added pointed due to the fact it’s true.

And that’s all folks. Hope someone giggled. AP European History is tomorrow, so wish me luck.


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11 responses to “Latest Recommendations on MAL

  1. mefloraine

    I giggled a little…the first one was just awesome. Nice job, MAL!

  2. Arakawa Under the Bridge and Rainbow are so similar that I usually can’t tell them apart.

  3. lol, Kampfer. That series was just…weird. I can’t believe I actually survived watching it, with the way it tended to out-weird itself.

  4. LOL… Kampfer… I dropped it after watching two episodes… It wasn’t that good…

  5. Some good ones here, especially the Kaiji one.

    Oh snap,
    I’m watching Xam’d:Lost memories…

  6. Oh yea… Good luck on your AP Euro Exam… I managed to get only a 1 on that exam… Embarrassing yes, but I find US History a lot easier.

  7. Too many daily examples of this sort of thing on MAL. Mainly due to the average age of users on that site compared to other similar such sites.

    Reviews also get some epic failures, ignoring the daily does of “IT WAS AWESOME SO YOU MUST WATCH IT 10 10 10 10”.

    But my pet hate is reviews (or rec’s) for series before the series has finished, and you see so many after the first 1/2 episodes of a new series its utterly pointless. Anidb has a nice feature in not allowing reviews until the series is complete.

  8. I turned off the recommendations on my MAL Panel. My Plan to Watch list is already full so I really don’t need any ^^,,,

  9. 2DT

    You’re in high school? Color me surprised.

    Good luck!

  10. Nemo

    Haha, I so agree with this post. Especially the Arakawa and Rainbow, quite the different series there.

    I took the AP Euro exam today as well. Glad its over. Hope it went well for you!

  11. Lol, most of these feel like obvious trolls just trying to be silly/ridiculous.
    Good luck on your exams o/

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