A collection of hate in the aniblogsphere

A Obsessive Compulsive hordes. And some people think the way that I’m reacting and the fact that I want to bow out of the aniblogsphere really funny. So here’s a collection of every negative comment I’ve seen about myself  today alone. And maybe if I get fed up with everything in my life, and just kill myself, the reporters will see this, and have a ball day(Edit:This was a satirical comment.) I was only trying to do my job as a mod. Honestly. I did not treat Glo or his friend any differently then anyone else. I also am honestly dealing with a lot of real life stressers right now.

Or maybe this is just, “Stop. Look. Okay, is this enough to make you stop?”

I do suffer from severe anxiety to the point I have to take medication for it.

“and Janette is retarded. one of those self-righteous pretentious types.”

“No, I’m not retard, nor am I one of those self-righteous pretentious types. I’m just doing my job as a mod, and trying to do my blog series.
Yeah right. Have you read what you wrote lately?”

“I can’t believe it took me so long to realize that so many people in the aniblogosphere are such pussies.”

“After reading all those comments, I think someone (point finger at Janette) is in love with herself.”

“That post also told us that Janette is a strict mod who doesnt like rebellious people, bad behavior and american humor.–Janette needs to grow up more. I cant believe she really think there are only nice people here LOL”

“You should take lessons from mefloraine on how not to be a bitch yourself and thus avoid people acting like assholes towards you. I know you’ll dismiss this advice as “negative”, but you really could learn something there and maybe even get a grip on yourself and stop asking for what you know you don’t want to receive.”


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48 responses to “A collection of hate in the aniblogsphere

  1. Yi

    Don’t feel too bad about the negative comments. You can’t please everyone and someone does need to keep things from getting out of control.

    “And maybe if I get fed up with everything in my life, and just kill myself, the reporters will see this, and have a ball day.”

    Please feel better and don’t take what others say too seriously. Best wishes. ^ ^

  2. Best wishes whatever you decide, except for the kill yourself thing. Even if you get fed up with everything, killing yourself is A BAD IDEA, because that is the one way you can guarantee you will never feel better.

  3. OneSin

    you need punching bag . . or kill some zombies with an axe . .
    those never failed me.

    on a serious note , you dont have to take those comments seriously , you know you cant do anything about them so why even bother ? just take it as a child pouting his lips jealously whining.

  4. mefloraine

    Hey, don’t let them get to you.
    (I know that sentence will have no effect.)

    If you kill yourself, I won’t forgive you. =3=/

  5. advice

    People wouldn’t think twice about how you mod if you didn’t always supplement your decisions with whining. That’s like painting a bullseye on your back, because now everyone knows you will jump if they threw something at you. You need to stop giving everyone ammunition by overreacting to everything if you don’t want to be messed with. Seriously, half-threatening to kill yourself over this? Do you really expect people to take you seriously with talk like that?… Oh, and sure enough you took my comment as “negative” just as I expected, without bothering to notice that it contained positive advice behind the blunt wording. Look, I’m sure you’re a nice person who no doubt has many positive qualities, but you aren’t exactly highlighting them with your recent overly dramatic behavior. Why not start doing that today and see how easy it actually is to climb out of this downward spiral you seem to be in?

    • Listen, I have a lot of real life stuff I’m dealing with that’s mainly the cause of the downward spiral. Not everything is life can be fixed with a change of attitude and a piece of tape. Especially not in mine right now.

      Though I was joking about the killing myself thing.

      And of course I took it as negative. You told me I was a bitch.

      It’s not all about this. There’s a lot more going on with me right now, anyone who deals with me on a regular basis would know I’m not okay right now.

      Tl;dr, your advice is not appreciated. It does not fit the situation.

    • As a side note, I don’t recall Janette ever publically ASKING for advice (though I may be wrong). So it’s not like she really wanted your advice to begin with.

    • advice

      Unless you’re a shapeshifter hiding your secret canine identity, it’s safe to assume that any use of the word “bitch” with regard to you would apply to your behavior, and thus a statement such as “how not to be a bitch” would translate to something like “how not to whine and annoy others”. (An example of “being a bitch”: “Your advice is not appreciated. It does not fit the situation.” Even “Appreciate your advice. Now fuck off.” would be less bitchy.)

      Pardon me for not enabling your whining by holding your hand. Just so you know, in a different situation I’d happily join the ranks of your friends in offering my support for you in whatever you’re going through, but here are a few reasons why I opted to instead “call you a bitch”, as you put it:

      The participants of the tournament were selected by the tournament staff, in most cases not bothering to inform the participants and ask for their consent. No rules for participant behavior were laid out prior to the selection. Now, inquiring minds want to know, what in this setup would entitle staff members to have any say about participant behavior within the confines of their own blogs? Did people like Oballer and Glo beg to be included and pledge to follow the rules (oh wait, what rules?)? No, they did not. It’s reasonable to expect that the staff, by picking them to be in the tournament, implicitly accepted the kind of blogging they do as suitable for inclusion. Are we to assume that the staff had no idea who they were selecting for the competition? Even a cursory look would have made it glaringly obvious that stuff like talking trash is inherent to these bloggers’ style.

      Considering all that, it is completely appropriate to define your whining about what they said within the confines of their own blogs as “being a bitch”. Sadly you don’t seem to be capable of distinguishing between harmless chest thumping vs actual malice. As you can see, Oballer and Glo are actually a nice guys, coming here to explain themselves, offer support, and bury the hatchet they never even knew they’d dug up. However, to force them to do that by incessant dramatic whining — and, of all things, emotional blackmail through “jokingly” threatening suicide — definitely qualifies as “being a bitch”. You’re not Blogosphere Police, you don’t get to tell people what to do or not do within the confines of their own blogs and them malign them for ridiculing your “orders”.

      Now, about those real life issues of yours. If real life problems make it difficult for you to handle what you have to deal with online, then by all means don’t just talk about taking a break from online activities until you get yourself sorted out, do it. At the very lest, take a leave from an obviously stressful position of a tournament moderator. It is unreasonable to expect that everyone should go out of their way to give you extra leeway when they don’t even freaking know that you’re going through some hard times. And even if they’re made aware of it, it’s still unreasonable to expect everyone to walk on eggshells until you give them leave to do otherwise, when you have the very easy option to simply not subject yourself to the extra stressors. Choosing to remain and create and perpetuate unnecessary drama again qualifies as “being a bitch”.

      You have no special license to “police” the blogosphere, regardless of your personal situation. If you choose to “be a bitch” despite no shortage of other options, expect to be called on it.

      Thanks for the input. In the future I’ll be sure to keep my mouth shut unless I’m ASKED to speak…

      • I’m suppose to appreciate your advice when you’re hiding behind the mask of anonymity, being rude, insulting, and telling how to act. You are REALLY out of control. And you’re telling me what I did wrong? At this point, you’re just being a major hypocrite.

        I made a mistake. I admitted to it. Originally, when the rules were laid out, there was to me no flaming of other blogs in the tournament, as mentioned in the opening post, although due to this incident and after my post was made, this was defined to only apply to things on the AniBlog Tourny.

        Ah, so you’re an Olballer/Glo fanboy. Go figure. I forced them to do nothing, I did not harass them in any way, shape, or form, or spoke any ill will of them in public. It was a satirical comment, related to the disgusting practice of the news digging up internet cyberbullying after suicides, and well, that’d make the job easier for them.

        It’s not as if I try to create drama. If you want to see who’s creating drama, look in a mirror. I’m choosing to withdraw from being in the aniblogsphere. All I’ve really done is post on my personal blog. I haven’t even maligned anyone, especially as I haven’t listed names or sources.

        However, one incident is in no way me trying to “police” the blogsphere. Hyperbole much?

        I don’t know why you’re so deeply invested in this, or in me ‘being a bitch.’ I’m simply not. You’re taking what I’m doing far too seriously and exaggerating what happened.

  6. Kairu

    DON’T FEED THE TROLLS. Obviously, you lost.

  7. advice

    Or rather, you seem to think you’re in…

  8. One of the things about the internet: you need to have a thick skin. Few people consider the fact that there is another living, breathing human being on the other end. It’s much easier to let your feelings fly when you don’t have to see someone’s face.

    That’s part of what comes with the internet. I wouldn’t have it any other way.

    • It doesn’t excuse people acting like this.

      I’m not really a thick skinned person. Rather, I just try to stay out of people’s way and do my own thing.

      • Owl

        “It doesn’t excuse people acting like this.”
        No, indeed it does not. People say things on the Internet that they wouldn’t dare say to somebody who was right in front of them. Relative anonymity tends to make cowards feel brave.

        “I’m not really a thick skinned person. Rather, I just try to stay out of people’s way and do my own thing.”
        I know you do. But with all due respect, modding is the kind of job that will inevitably get you hated by somebody for just doing your job. I’m sorry you’ve had to deal with so much slander from people. Some of us know none of it is true!

        I also like Baka-Raptor’s suggestion – try to turn the predicament on its side and find a little humor. It can work marvels, I tell ya. 😉

        I hope you know who this is from. -huggles-

  9. I’m sorry that things ended up like this. I haven’t known you for long, but it’s been great to meet you and to get to know you. I do hope you stick around on the internet, but if you don’t want to, that’s your right. Good luck with everything and please take care of yourself!

    • You’re so nice. T_T It’s like you’re unreal…I’ll still be here blogging, and probably come back to twitter when real life calms down…

  10. I realize this is easier said than done for someone with OCD, but try to take it easy if you can. We appreciate what you’re doing as a mod, but you don’t have to do it all yourself. If things do get out of hand, everyone’s going to work to get it under control: the other mods, the contestants, and the voters. I’ve spoken to Oballer and Glo. They realize they’ve pissed people off way beyond their intentions, and though they’re not sorry, they’ve tried to explain that they meant it as a joke and that there were no malice intended. Unfortunately, that’s as happy an ending as we’re going to get out of this. Now it’s best to close the book on this whole incident. Oballer’s going to lose, and everything from that point on can only go uphill.

    By the way, I’m going to trash talk against mefloraine in the next round. mefloraine is open to it. I’m going to show you that saying mean things can be funny. I hope that’ll help you understand the other guys’ point of view just a little. Who knows, you might even like it.

    • Thanks Baka-Raptor. It’s really nice for you to go out of your way to say that.

      And yes, I’m aware of that, and I may indeed find it funny. As long as the other people are okay with it, I don’t see anything wrong with it.

  11. Yeeeaaah. If you kill yourself, i’ll kill you! (I always wanted to say one of those stupid lines! >_> )

    Ahem, anyway, you shouldn’t feel too down about it. People are gonna talk shit about ya everywhere, that’s pretty much how any community is. The key here is how you deal with that kind of grief.

    Trust me, i understand what you’re going through. >_>
    In more ways than one. Not saying the blogsphere is what i went through, but i meant in other forms.

    But seriously though. Don’t let those things get to you. It’ll blow over eventually when this little tourney ends.

    Just stay strong and deal with the IRL shit first cuz that’s more important. You can deal with this Tourney shit later when Life isn’t being so hard on ya.

  12. I personally thought you did a good job as a mod; it’s always hard being the one who does something right as a mod, since you know that people are going to criticize you regardless. Especially over the internet, where sympathy seems to go down the drain.

    I just wanted to say that I’ll be glad if you continue to keep blogging. Even though I haven’t been following your posts for a long time, I find them enjoyable. Just don’t kill yourself; you’ve got your whole life ahead of you.

    You probably don’t know who I am, and I haven’t talked to you directly before, but I honor your decision and really hope that you can sort everything out. Trust me, you’ve got plenty of people behind you, ready to support you whenever.

  13. Best thing to do when everything spirals out of control like this is to focus on one thing at a time. Good luck in getting everything sorted out in real life!

  14. Well, only thing I can say about real-life issues is to wish you good luck on the matter. But to quote meffy’s words for my own use

    “If you kill yourself, I won’t forgive you.”

    Don’t let idiots and flamers on the internets get to you. They’ll always exist, and it’s not worth it to actually let them stay on your mind.

    I’m always up for a good fight if you need help though XD

  15. It’s unavoidable. There will ALWAYS be people out there wanting to make people’s life miserable.

    Janette, I had only known your blog through my friend and I hope you wouldn’t give up on blogging (*refers to twitter*) despite all those harsh comments on you. If you’ve enjoyed blogging, there’s no reason to let people deprive you of your enjoyment.

    However, if you’re really keen on quitting… well, I can only wish you luck in the future to come. Don’t let people get you down!

  16. oballer

    i really don’t want to comment here… but i’ll be civil i promise.

    baka-raptor is right. Glo and I did not mean to anger so many people. If you ever met us in real life you would realize this is just how we are. We are competitive people. We talk trash to each other in every situation possible.

    If the rules were presented to me saying that we are not allowed to smack talk our opponent then I would have withdrawn. The sad part is, is that I actually consider what I said going easy on my opponent. When I play sports against people in real life what I do is so much worse. And the Dinosaur is right, neither of us will apologize, however, we did not mean it to get this out of control. I think its kind of ridiculous.

    However, the source of the problem is clear. The creators of this tournament have put 2 very competitive people (Glo and I) into a tournament with generally good natured people. Therefore our personalities have clashed and you see this huge problem.

    For you to kill yourself would be completely uncalled for. This was meant as a joke. You should not take anything that we say seriously at all. It is in our nature to talk to people this way. And I can say that since I am a man that stands 6 foot 4, played college ball, and have played sports my whole life, that I am the wrong person to put in such a tournament. I talk so much smack to people (even my best friends) EVERY day that I simply can not understand what the huge deal is. And I never will.

    It’s probably in your best interest to disregard my blog and Glo’s ISSS if they cause you this much stress. And yes, I am going to lose this round, this should make you happy. Losing simply pisses me off more than anything in the world, so you dont have to worry about me commenting on any of the other matchups.

  17. Everyone is being over dramatic about something so little =/ I understand it can be really frustrating seeing all these mean comments about you but try to not let them get to you. I guess people are taking what you say wayy to seriously and your getting really popular (in a negative way xD). I duno what to say to make you feel better well not really much for me to say since there’s already a lot of people who gave advices 😀 ….I really hope things get better for you and real life!

  18. People say whatever comes up in their minds and forget about them soon after. So it’s pointless keeping those forgotten words in your mind.

    OCD or not, I don’t want to see you suffer from those words.
    Best wishes.

  19. I’m honestly just going to say I’m sorry for adding fuel to the fire with this whole ordeal, because I’m honestly completely sorry about all of this ever happening, and I was part of it., no excuses.

    High school is tough, especially Junior year (senior year was good, I feel like my entire grade came together and became friends with each other). It probably is best that you take a time out from everything and just relax with a cold drink for a few days. That’s what I’d do if I had problems. Maybe play a sport (honestly, sports can let you release a LOOOOOOOTTTT of built up anger/aggression/emotions). Look to your BF for support (unless he’s a reason for the problems?) .

    Having someone close to you can do wonders. Good luck.

  20. I basically ditto all the supportive comments and decry all the negative ones. That’s my lazy-ass way of saying: people who trash talk probably have low self-esteem themselves and can only bring the other person (people) down to their level. It’s unfortunate for them AND you, if you’re having trouble in your own life. I encourage you to ignore their comments and focus on all the support you’re getting elsewhere. Focusing on the bad stuff is a waste of time and just makes you feel worse (trust me, I know).

    Anyway, I only know you through your blog and Twitter, so what do I (or they!) know? You know yourself best. Think constructively and do what will end up being best for you, no one else.

  21. steelbound

    I would really hate to see you stop blogging. Even if there’s lots of episodic blogs, an author’s style and what stuff they talk about can’t be easily replicated and I really enjoy yours.

    In regards to the aniblog tournament, I’m glad I got a chance to participate because I was able to read honest comments about my blog given by impartial people. Even if I didn’t agree with the comment it was still good to see what other people are thinking. I’ve already trying something a bit different with my latest first impression post because of a comment I read.

    I think the vast majority of bloggers liked to see your constructive comments about their sites and I, for one, hope you decide to continue commenting about the various blogs and the match-ups in the second round.

    If you’re still feeling down you should watch Ichigo Mashimaro (Strawberry Marshmallow). It helped me get through the depression I felt this last February and it was able to get my younger sister to smile after days of crying and being sad after her guinea pig died last November.

  22. OneSin

    i get the feeling that this is like a spoiler to Angel Beats 6

  23. 2DT

    Sounds dreadful, what you had to go through. It’s not so hard to be polite on the Internet. People really ought to try it more. 🙂

    Take a break, do what you need to do. The blogosphere will still be here when you get back.

  24. Angela

    Man, that totally sucks. I’m sorry that you got such negative comments D8. I can’t really offer any sort of advice, except that I hope that whatever is happening to you in real life gets better, and that these stupid trolls buzz off.

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