Angel Beats -track zero- chapter 1

So there was a prequel novel to Angel Beats, and currently the first chapter is up for download. It follows the adventures of Hianta and Yuri before the rest of the gang appeared, told from Hinata’s point out view, and reveals a few interesting tidbits.

Hinata died by being hit by a truck, in an accident, not from an overdose. Although we’re given hints that his life took a rather dark turn after he started his life of drugs.

The world is a purgatory to sort out what happened while the people were alive, and come to terms with it. Although Hinata briefly considers it being hell. Hey, he has a point, an eternity of high school? Yeesh.

Otherwise, we do get to see what happens if you ask Tachibana questions about the god and the world, to which she has no idea. Which makes sense, if she’s a normal human, how the heck would she know? It’s pretty amusing when Hinata gets so fed up, he tries to confess to her, and Yuri gets jealous…

Otherwise, that’s it. It’s really short. The people who did this said they aren’t going to do anymore, which is a shame. I’m not sure if the writing is only so-so or the translation is so-so, but I’d like to know more about the world of Angel Beats.


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7 responses to “Angel Beats -track zero- chapter 1

  1. …he died by truck? Huh. Maybe this is just because I got attached to the theory that it was a drug overdose, but I’m surprised it was something that simple. Maybe they’re still related somehow.

    I do hope someone else decides to pick it up and translate the rest of the book. I’d definitely be interested in reading more of the show’s backstory as well.

  2. JohnnyG

    Glad to see you are following track zero. I was looking for a place to discuss the light novels. Novels 1-4 are translated and linked on the page u found #1 (subsmith)

    As for Hinata’s death, I think he was high when he got hit by the truck.
    TZ vol#1: Hinata- “A huge truck was coming. I was dazed and couldn’t move, let alone dodge away. An impact followed.”

  3. Son Gohan

    A new translator picked up the project. He released up to chapter 4. You can find them on

  4. Ah ha, I’m glad I came across this. Angel Beats! is shaping up to be my favorite new series of the season, and I’m excited to get more info on it. Thanks for posting this!

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