B Gata H Kei 05: Valentine’s Day Episode

While I am fully doped up on cold medicine, I really enjoyed our Valentine’s Day story. I find myself judging a series a lot on the Valentine’s Day premise, a completely clichéd storyline, but if the episode still manages to draw me in somehow, chances are, it’s probably a series that’s worth watching.

I find myself somehow suckered in, finding the tension building, and wondering when the exact moment would come that Kosuda would finally get his chocolate. How it all came together in the end wasn’t entirely clichéd, and I thought was a pretty amusing end. Ah, but Kosuda is so dense.

I really want these two to be a couple...

Mainly, I just wanted to talk about that, as I’m on a break from episodic blogging. I will add that the second half was absolutely hilarious.

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2 responses to “B Gata H Kei 05: Valentine’s Day Episode

  1. Gunslinger

    OMG what the hell was yamanda doing in class !!!! she has to be the most brainless honour student.

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