Aniblog Day 13 predictions

Note: If you do not like what I say about you blog, comment, and I will take it down asap. Any rude comments flaming or making fun of other blogs will be deleted, and that person will find their IEP address blocked. Also, these predictions do not necessarily match who I’m going to vote for. Bias will be present, as I know some blogs better then others.We all understand? Good

_ism vs. Shitstorm

Predicted Winner: _ism

A troll blog vs a troll blog? They’re both anime blogs, and they both are trying to poke fun at the idea of anime blogs while blogging at the same time. Shitstorm updates more but to blunt _ism is just flat out better written. Funnier, when it wants to funny, but when Fangzhao wants to write an article he can write really well.

Astrobunny vs. Anime Void

Predicted Winner: Astrobunny

First off, Yuri is not Haruhi. That out of my system, Astroboy is a mismatch of various anime and Japanese related stuff. While he doesn’t blog episodically, he covers moments and his thoughts on the anime. He’s a lot nicer to Kagami then I’d be as well…

Anime Void’s main problem is the content. There isn’t much. On the front page, there are three posts explaining how they’re not dead. I thought you only saw that on this blog! They kinda started blogging the winter season…and then stopped, although they did have a wrap-up post. I think without substance, this blog won’t win.

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One response to “Aniblog Day 13 predictions

  1. mefloraine

    Just calling him _ism. XD

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