Angel Beats 05: She’s only human…

After this episode, I found myself immensely disliking, well not exactly Yuri exactly, but what she was doing to Angel/Tachibana. All may be fair in love and war, but that was dirty. As this episode focused on exposing the vulnerable side of Tachibana, I think the purpose of the episode of very much to cause us to question what Yuri and the gang was doing. After all, it felt kinda like a gang of bullies fighting a defenseless school girl. What added to the impact of watching Yuri and the gang destroy Tachibana’s life was it was so watching it be carried out with the stripping nerds and what not, was so dang amusing.

Otonashi raises a good point. What are they fighting against? Technically, Tachibana. But what has Tachibana done wrong? She’s only fought in self-defense. She’s only tried to break them up for causing disruptions—while she may seem like a sourpuss not to let them have concerts, it is a school disruption, and she had a duty to stop it. Especially as she probably knows they’re trying to steal meal tickets from students. In other words, she has done nothing wrong. Tachibana is a victim.

Unfortunately, everyone else, including Yuri, are too consumed in hate of what the believe Tachibana SHOULD be to see what she really is. Yuri and the gang aren’t evil. They’re just flawed, as humans tend to be.

I do believe the god of this world has sent an angel down to earth, just not Tachibana. She’s likely human. From reading theories of other people, I think Otonashi is god’s representative in this world.

I wonder what’s going to happen now. It also seems that Tachibana was a softy compared to whom has taken over in her place…

Let's end this with the stripping nerd.

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8 responses to “Angel Beats 05: She’s only human…

  1. yeeeaaaah. I agree with just about… Everything you said about Angel. Ahem, Tachibana i mean.

    I think she needs a hug. I like her alot more as a result. >_>

  2. Yuri and company just seemed like a bunch of bullies in this episode. It left me a really bad aftertaste after seeing Tenshi leaving the teacher’s/director’s office after being scolded then having her position taken away from her. If she is in fact just a “normal” person then this was simply Yuri and her gang being jerks to her, no different than any RL bullying.

    The spinning rocket chair and the sudden confession had me laughing, but after this I sorta want Yuri to sit on one of those herself at least once.

  3. The episode was funny until I noticed Tenshi starting to act weird, then I felt bad because I was laughing while Yuri was busying RUINING Tachibana’s life…
    I wonder how many Yuri fans just dropped out.

    • That pretty much how I summed up how I felt.

      Good question. I doubt they’d be happy to see Yuri in a bad light. But she’s not evil. Just misguided. She thinks her opponent is a monster.

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