Break of sorts

I will be taking a hitus of sorts. What do I mean by this? No new episodic posts until next Monday with a possible exception for Angel Beats. I do still try to do tourny posts though, for now, that’s the course of action that makes the most sense to take. Of course, I will write editorials and reviews whenever I darn well feel like it.

Just some serious real life stuff happened, well today, and I need to focus on dealing with that, as well as the famous AP tests are next week.

Thanks for you understanding.


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8 responses to “Break of sorts

  1. Haha, blogging whenever you want is the way to go ;D Good luck with your APs!~

  2. Hope you’re doing okay. Blogging whenever FTW.

  3. Oh the APs, I’m surprised you got done as much blogging as you do now given those looming over… good luck with them o/

    and hope no more bad RL issues pop up =\

  4. Nemo

    Good luck on your APS~! I have one myself, not so fun.
    Hope your life has gotten better (:

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