Aniblog Tourny Day 9 Predictions

My apologies for not getting yesterday up, I was distracted.

Note: If you do not like what I say about you blog, comment, and I will take it down asap. Any rude comments flaming or making fun of other blogs will be deleted, and that person will find their IEP address blocked. Also, these predictions do not necessarily match who I’m going to vote for. Bias will be present, as I know some blogs better then others.We all understand? Good.

Match A: Behind the Nippon Review vs Chocolate Syrupy Waffles

Predicted Winner: Behind the Nippon Review

Okay, from now on, even if I know the blog, I’m going to do what people looking at the blog for the first time would do, and focus on the first page of posts. That said. Behind the Nippon Review seems mainly focused on analysis of the current season of anime. However, it puts behind the episodic bullshit and gets straight to the point. It also covers thoughts about the season of anime, for example, Sora no Woto and original anime, as well as the newest post looking at that moe this season. I like the fact that it doesn’t mess around, and is straight to the point with its posts.

Chocolate Syrupy Waffles in an episodic blog that I quite like. It’s got some interesting, and controversial editorials, isn’t afraid to be silly, and has a lot of attitude. However, its main weakness against Behind the Nippon Review is just that the Behind the Nippon Review comes across as more polished and professional. Also, for visiting blogs for the first time, episodic blogs are definitely at a disadvantage compared to editorials. This may change come time for the more well known episodics, but for the lesser known. I’m sorry guys. I feel your pain.

Match B: Listless Ink vs Super Noisy Rice Shower Goes Boom

Predicted Winner: Listless Ink

Looking at Listless Ink, wow. Here’s a blog I’ve never heard of that’s going to be a really strong competitor in the tournament. Look at those comment numbers. That’s freaking insane! But her blog looks great. Beautiful layout, and her posts are decorated with gorgeous art. Her posts vary from reviews to editorials, but they’re interesting and well-written.

Super Noisy Rice Shower Goes Boom is a blog that seems to be focused on voice actors and actress, although it’s also talking about his recent trip to Japan. Not something I really have an interest in, but seems to be a nicely written blog. Unfortunately, I don’t think he has a chance against Listless Ink.


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3 responses to “Aniblog Tourny Day 9 Predictions

  1. Yi’s blog is also at least past the 2year mark, which by aniblogs means it’s pretty old.

    Your use of pronouns makes me wonder about Yi’s gender again xD. Avatar & design feels like a her, but the fandoms and pictars feels like a him xD

  2. Wanted to add that Super Noisy Rice Shower Goes Boom is written by a female.

  3. I’m glad ya like CSW at least.

    But it’s sure as hell getting raped. =\

    Guess I shoulda done something other than episodic XD >_.>

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