The second half of Soulsilver is rather weak

I don’t like the second half of SoulSilver.

While I can’t compare it to the second half of Crystal, as I can’t remember, I still feel that Kanto is seriously lacking.

Playing through the Johto region, I was incredibly thrilled by how they spiced it up and made little tweaks to the story. It was childish, but fun, and I was sucked in.

Yet this charm present in the Johto region is completely absent in the Kanto region. It feels like the producers were so burned out, they rushed through this part. It’s as barebone as possible. The only plot was the brief, and over exaggerated power plant. Seriously. Everyone tells you where the Power Plant is how, and how to fix it. Okay, that isn’t true, Steven appeared, and there’s still that dumb Snorlax.

Still. There’s no real direction in that land of Kanto. The amount of story is definitely lacking to that of Johto. You’re left to wander about and take on Gym Leaders as you feel like. There’s no limitations. No one to stop you. Some people may like that, but as someone who likes knowing what to do next, I don’t like it.

Also, leveling up in harder in Kanto. At this point, your pokemon should have been strong enough to beat the Elite Four. The gym leaders will only keep getting stronger. But the only way to level up is battle trainers. Also, that stupid magnet train spends too long on fancy graphics, and feels like it takes too long to get to Johto.

Anywho, I think I’m just going to head back to Johto. Joey just called for a rematch.


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4 responses to “The second half of Soulsilver is rather weak

  1. Well yea, that is the reason I don’t even use the train… I think that flying to Victory Road and then selecting a place in Johto/Kanto is alot faster…

    Another thing that makes training alot slower is the lack of a VS Seeker. With a VS Seeker, I can battle every trainer but in HG/SS, I have to wait until a trainer calls me to battle and than go there and battle them… That just sucks… I guess the easiest way to train is to deposit all your money with your mom hoping that she doesn’t spend it and then get a strong pokemon and put a EXP share on the pokemon you are training and battle E4 even if you fail over and over again until your Pokemon are leveled up…

    I liked Diamond/Pearl/Platinum on how you can rebattle trainers and stuff, but the new system on the new games stink… I think the they have it that way so the Pokegear wouldn’t be a gimmick.

  2. I agree, the main thrill of HGSS is the Johto region. Kanto is just thrown in there for some extra gym matches and pokemon to catch without adding more to the story. The trainers’ pokemon are ridiculously low-leveled compared to yours and the gym leaders don’t really increase in difficulty. I guess Kanto is just there to lead you up to Red.

  3. In my childhood, I’ve learned to not ask for that much – it was astounding enough having Kanto in Crystal. The lack of story/events didn’t bother me; anything to keep the game going. I was about to say the same here, but it is true that a next gen portable should not only be a graphical improvement but one in plot as well; I’d be asking too little of Game Freak if I let this slide like Crystal.

    Then again, in all truth it doesn’t really matter to me, because I’m only in it for the wifi battling :p

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