Rainbow 03: Here’s a wuss

While the second half was better, the first half was once again way too dramatic. I’m guessing at this point, each episode is going to be hit or miss judging by how they handle the drama. Though the ‘misses’ are still good, but lacking compared to the hits. Although I’m not sure how much longer the series will spend in prison.

This was my first time watching the opening theme. I was surprised just how much the opening theme said about the characters. It was pretty cool. Somehow, I even liked the song as well

This episode focused on Nomoto. While his attempt to turn on Sakuragi wasn’t surprising, given his resistance to becoming one with the group, and being aloof, how it happened caught me off guard. Basically, I didn’t realize that prison guard was so psycho.

Any attempt to build sympathy for Nomoto this episode fell totally flat with me. Even though I suffer from panic attacks myself, he had every reason to be scared and we got his backstory, he still seemed like a pathetic piece of crap. Even though his reaction is realistic, the problem is this story praises bravery and those who overcome what’s around them. It’s hard not to hate someone who can’t do that. Realizing he was wrong about everything at the end was a pretty awesome moment, and it was satisfying to see that expression on his face. I wonder what will happen to him now.

Also, different fansubs groups apparently have different translations for the nicknames except Joe. Well, this is going to make keeping track of the names confusing.

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3 responses to “Rainbow 03: Here’s a wuss

  1. Well, I think Frozen are the only ppl who have correct translations of the names.

    Turtle and Cabbage are correct for sure. There’s also Uncovered, which Commie didnt even bother to translate so they just kept Baremoto.

    And Sakuragi kept the Anchan in Commie, but FroZen subs said Bro. Like, bro’s before ho’s.

    Ahem. Anyway, I actually felt the sympathy for Uncovered/Nomoto because he reminded me a little of how i used to be. XD

    As for Ishihara, yeah, he’s nuts. I think he might’ve killed a few inmates before. >_>

  2. I’ve actually been keeping a running text file of all the characters and their details. It’s helped a lot in keeping everything straight.

    I don’t think they were really trying to get you to sympathize with Uncovered. Instead of “pity the jerk” it’s “this is why he’s a jerk.” Then you have the parallels between him and his mother where they both sold themselves. His mother did it in the literal sense, and he did it in a figurative sense.

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