B Gata H Kei 04: Yes! Yes! Yes!

B Gata H Kei has definitely at this point abandoned the humor to go more the path of a shoujo story. While there are still funny moments, they happen less frequently, and are no longer focus of the story.

That's what I want from a guy!

While I know about Christmas being more about romance in Japan then the religious and family connotations such as present here in America. The idea didn’t really click until the below scene in which the girls talked about Christmas like I would talk about Valentine’s Day when I was single. Although the Japanese have Valentine’s Day…and White Day. Seriously, how many holidays do they need in Japan to dedicate to romance?

Spent too many Valentine's Days this way...like most people.

It being Christmas, of course Yamada and Kosuda go for a date. And it’s just as awkward as their previous dates have been. Listen creators, their awkwardness and total miscommunication with each other have been fun, but it’s time to move their relationship forward. It’s getting a wee bit stale.

I don't think that's what a present of shiny gifts mean...*eyes ring suspiciously*

It does kinda move forward. They kiss. This is a big deal, as far too many series have romantic tensions between the characters, and then they never hook up. While if there was going to be a series that it happened, it was this series, I was still incredibly happy.


After this, the episode flowed much better. Yamada, of course, thinks that they should now have sex in the park. It fails miserably, although the dialogue between both of their inner good sides and bad sides was amusing.

Then the end scene with both of them sobbing on the train home was hilarious. Nothing quite as sad as getting all hot and heavy only for it to fall apart…

Not that I think Yamada is anywhere close to being laid. The problem is, while she wants it, she’s just too emotionally immature to be ready to have it. Although, she has to be this immature for the character to work and to end up in funny situations.

Y-y-yamada beam!

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One response to “B Gata H Kei 04: Yes! Yes! Yes!

  1. karry

    “Seriously, how many holidays do they need in Japan to dedicate to romance?”

    Considering Japanese STILL dont have sex with each other – not enough.

    OTOH…considering most of Japan’s female population are whores – maybe its too many…

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