Angel Beats 04: Play Ball!

Does anyone remember at least hearing about the baseball game in Twilight that kinda made sense, yet kinda didn’t? (I read Twilight before it was popular where I live and there was no one to warn me it was bad.) The episode pretty much revolved a baseball game that made sense but didn’t. It made sense, as Yuri tries to cause anarchy anywhere she can on the campus. It didn’t, because…a baseball game? Really?

Not to mention, the baseball in this game made me long for the days of Cross Game. The baseball in this episode was so bad, I was relieved when they stopped animating, and when to just snippets of what was going on in the game. I will concede, however, that Otonashi and Nada playing Baseball Pingpong with each other were pretty funny to me.

I will also concede that Angel looks really damn good in a baseball uniform.

In this episode, Yui who was introduced in the last episode turns into a main player. Unfortunately, she was really annoying in the last episode, and gets more so in this one. I felt bad for disliking her, as she’s disliked by everyone in the world of Angel Beat. She even started to grow on me, as she ended up constantly abused, and her bad-mouthing the other teams was funny. But. The ending happened. My repulsion for Yui returned. However, I’ll talk more about this later.

You talked.

T.K. didn’t get to do very much, but the little he did get to do was very awesome. The more that goes on, the more I think he’s going to be an important part to the story. He says very little, and out of all the characters, he’s shrouded in the most mystery.

We learn about Hinata in this episode, although his story is very brief. His story didn’t need much time to tell, and I appreciate them being straight to the point rather then dragging it longer then it needs to be. Unfortunately, Hinata’s death is not covered at all. All I can do is guess. Hinata’s mess-up in a baseball game causes him to turn to drugs. I bet he died from an accidental or on purpose overdose

The way the story ended brings up a question. Is disappearing a bad thing? The world of Yuri and her friends is obviously at this point a purgatory. It seems when the person of this purgatory find happiness, they can move on. So is it right to deny happiness just to prevent them from disappearing? Isn’t that actually a selfish wish?

Overall, for me, this was a disappointing episode. I hope next week is better.

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6 responses to “Angel Beats 04: Play Ball!

  1. motichu

    The ending of this one kinda grated on me. Granted, I wasn’t looking forward to Hinata disappearing or anything, but it was rather…anti-climactic.

  2. O_O how can you hate yui!!!!!???? I love her….!!!
    I also had the same tought about “¿is dissappearing a bad thing?” but i think what make the dissappear is more about accepting themselves , because like the ep 3, when se played her guitar she accepted her life when she was alive.

    • For the same reasons everyone else in the series does. XD

      Yeah…I’m not quite sure what causes people to disappear. I don’t think the characters are sure themselves.

  3. I actually felt that the ending saved the episode for me. First, I was really disappointed to see a random baseball tournament inserted, second Yui was incredibly annoying, and third, it started looking like they were going to repeat last week’s trick and have Hayate disappear when he caught the ball. If that had happened I would have dropped the series. The fact that they surprised me at the end gives me hope that next week won’t be quite this bad.

  4. Cynical175

    i hope everyone here finished the series. and maybe nearly cried at the end. KANADE!!!!!! Why Key? Why do you want my tears?

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