20th Century Boys appears in Unshelved

I only read one webcomic, a comic about a library called Unshelved. It’s a webcomic I adore, one that actually cemented my choice to want to be a young adult librarian. Despite the author being a fan of graphic novels though, anime and manga hasn”t been anything but briefly mentioned. Today though, 20th Century Boys gets to be the first manga features in their weekly book recommendation section.

I definitely recommend 20th Century Boys. I’ve read up to volume 7 or 8, and it’s kick ass.


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4 responses to “20th Century Boys appears in Unshelved

  1. sekoj

    Not heard of that webcomic and it’s been going since 2002… well living under a rock which lives under a boulder can’t help 🙂
    Think it’s about time for me to finally get around to reading 20th Century Boys, unfortunatly I ended up watching that movie before reading anything… which gave me a “meh” feeling, even while knowing the book (or manga :P) is always better.

    • No, it can’t. XD Also, with so many webcomics out there, a lot slips under the radar.

      I’ve heard that the movie’s a bit of a bummer. But considering it’s a 20+ manga series…one wonders how they can adapt it into a movie. I wish they’d made it into an anime series, like Monster.

      • Well there are 3 movies, but I decided to call it after just the one.
        One wonders why indeed there is no anime adaptation given the general popularity and good feedback for the manga. Can only be something to do with the author I feel. Though and 20+ volume manga series into anime is a huge commitment to any anime stuido.

  2. @sekoj I see. For some reason I only thought there was one…

    As his other work, Monster has been adapted, I don’t think it’s the author, but I can see what you mean by the large series being a huge commitment. That’s a good reason.

    Still, it would be lovely if it happened someday…

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