Aniblog Tourny Day 5

Note: If you do not like what I say about you blog, comment, and I will take it down asap. Any rude comments flaming or making fun of other blogs will be deleted, and that person will find their IEP address blocked. Also, these predictions do not necessarily match who I’m going to vote for. Bias will be present, as I know some blogs better then others.We all understand? Good.

Match A: Just As Planned vs Moe Check

Predicted Winner: Just As Planned

Looking at Just As Planned, there’s a lot that catches my eye right off the bat. Detroit Metal City, Sora no Woto, a review of 4kids Yu-gi-oh of all things and so far blogging of Ichiban Ushiro no Daimaou. Taking the time to peruse some of Keikakudoori’s writing, she comes off as interesting and intelligent as well as kinda funny, leading to an overall good experience. Looking at the About Me page (I’m looking at all of these to find gender.), he/she explains “This is a place of commendatory on anime and Japanese  shows, fandom, and industry related topics. It also covers some games which I’m fond of. This is not an episodic blog.” (lifted directly from the page). While what I see so far about Ichiban Ushiro no Daimaou and Giant Killing doesn’t reflect the unepisodic nature of the blog, I take their word for it. Otherwise, I found the ‘About Me’ section a little bit off-putting. The author came as defensive and I felt as if I wasn’t wanted there. Although I can’t say I’m a wanted visitor, I am going around and expressing my opinion about other blogs, but I wish for the illusion of being wanted. Also, the comments of what they wanted/didn’t want to see in other blogs was out of place, and these statements didn’t make sense when the blogger admitted they didn’t read that many blogs. I’m overly sensitive, but all in all, it left a bad taste in my mouth.

After that, Moe Checks felt more inviting. There’s a lot of cute and fluff, hence to be expected by the name, but the amount of pictures aren’t overwhelming. Oddly enough, this blog also had a Sora no Woto post, as it aired last season. Otherwise, Moe Check seems to blog anime, older and newer, as well as video games. They seem to be reviews, ‘pointless rants’, interesting little tibits and a little episodic blogging. Pretty good writer as well. However, his interests seem to narrow in the area of anime, not really going beyond cute.

I predict Just As Planned, as despite the bad taste, there were more posts that caught my interest then on Moe Check. Moe Check is a great blog, but I think Just As Planned appeals to more people.

Match B: Rainbowsphere vs. Janaiblog

Predicted Winner: Janaiblog

First about Rainbowsphere. The little icon on the tab is animated! It’s so cute and creepy! I loved the layout. It was simple, but looked really good. I still haven’t seen Summer Wars (Yes. I fail at life. Go ahead and say it.) and don’t play Tohou, but man, I can’t help but love and respect any blog that has a post that says, “I’m Not Ashamed of My Porn!” More so when the author acknowledges female sexuality in their post. The bad side though? It hasn’t updated since March 8, 2010. It’s only a month, but in blog time…that’s bad.

Janaiblog really didn’t appeal to me. I don’t why. I don’t like the background for one, but it’s not too distracting. The blog has podcasts, talkings about cons, and reviews for anime and videogames. Like most other blogs, it also has random other topics. Unfortunately, I don’t care for podcats, nor do I care for anime cons, so a majority of this blog doesn’t appeal to me. However. It actually updates. That is probably the most important thing in a blog is just updating it.


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8 responses to “Aniblog Tourny Day 5

  1. mefloraine

    “I don’t care for podcats” .<

    • mefloraine

      Eh, comment got killled in transit? There should be a XD after that arrow.

      And then, Janai will probably win by the sheer might of his Twitter followers anyway.
      But I’m voting for Rainbowsphere because I like the content. Even though it hasn’t updated in ages. >.<

  2. JAP’s Sora no Woto post was rather nice; likely to provoke a disagree post from me though xD

    I actually thought Janai’s layout was real pleasing to the eyes with the deep colors used.

    • Well, more posts are always a good thing. I disagree myself, as I don’t think that was what made Sora no Woto’s ending weak. LOL, a whole blogsphere response?

      To each their own, I think it’s definitely an opinion thing. *nods*

  3. “Although I can’t say I’m a wanted visitor, I am going around and expressing my opinion about other blogs, but I wish for the illusion of being wanted.”

    I thought that was an interesting point to raise. Not only about criterion you might use for the tourney, but as a description of the experience of a blog reader.

    On the one hand the tourney does a service to blog readers by giving them an organized way to become introduced to new blogs, and consider if they want to follow them. For the bloggers, even without winning, many new readers might be attracted, who hadn’t considered reading previously, but perhaps there is more that could be gained?

    What is it that blog readers want out of the blogs they read? What makes them more or less satisfied with the experience? It seems that, if the tourney manages to expose some of this, it would be a service to blog writers.

    Personally I enjoy the introspection revealed through your series of posts. Hearing your thinking about the criteria you use, and your experience as a reader, help me to think about my experience as a reader a bit more objectively. Do I want different things? Could I want more?

    • Actually, having talked to RP and Scamp, the main point of the tournament is indeed to help people find new blogs.

      The interesting thing, before this series of post, I don’t think I would have realized the criteria that I have myself. I’d visit a blog, and then never visit again, but never really think about it. However, when I’m viewing four blogs, deciding my favorite two, as well as predicting the winner, I’m coming to realize what I want out of the experience, and what makes a blog stand out among the others it’s against.

      Also, I want to link you to Aorii’s post about the aniblog tourny, I think it’s relevant to your interests.

      It makes me happy beyond words that my posts have led to think deeper. It’s something you should keep in mind, as much as it’s my job as a blogger to try to provide my visitors with a good experience.

      • Thanks for pointing me at that post. The discussion of constructive criticism in the comments is a good example of what I was talking about. I’m glad some people are seeing the potential benefit for what it is. To tell the truth, I was a little shocked when I read the early criticism of the tourney (which was, IMO, excessively harsh).

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