Ichiban Ushiro no Daimaou episode 3: A mob and rice

I waited for the uncensored version to air, as while I’m not bothered by butts, I found the censor marks really distracting.

Only kinda?

Korone on penises. I laughed so hard.

Sai is still trying to make up with Hattori, and as always, that backfires on him. This time, he gets attacked by some delinquents wanting to beat him up. Instead, he beats them up. Brutally. Very surprising, and it doesn’t really fit the character. I’m guessing this is supposed to represent how it’s possible for him to be the demon lord. Just didn’t work for me.

This does lead to further misunderstanding with Hattori, and as things are over the top in this episode, it’s come together in a mob, a huge gun, a ton of rice, revenge on Etou, and Hattori and Sai making up. At least that’s finally over.

I agree with her. Rice is one of my favorite foods. And can be used in so many ways.

Etou is creepy, has no self control, and well, she’s just disturbing. First kissing her brother in the last episode, and then masturbating to Sai in this episode. While her brother watches. I bet her brother wishes he was dead rather then a head in a jar.

Her plan backfiring was pretty amusing.

And of course, excessive Korone screenshots.

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One response to “Ichiban Ushiro no Daimaou episode 3: A mob and rice

  1. Korone is easily one of my favourite characters of the season so far. I love her deadpan quips, her teasing of Sai and her general snarkiness. Where can I get a Liladan like her?

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