Rainbow episode 02: Better late then never!

Have I ever mentioned that I love Madhouse? I really do. This episode was much better then the last, less stiff, and while it’s was still a little over-dramatic, it wasn’t that bad.

I really liked how this episode tried to balance, while focusing on Joe’s story, showed what life was like at the prison. What food they got, what they did in cells, how the showers worked, etc. Little things like that really stood out to me.

And yes, Joe’s story was sad, as was as Spoon’s. I’m surprised Spoon didn’t suffer ill-effects from the bomb, yet some people did walked away unscathed. Also, that orphanage director is not winning ‘The Number #1 Grandma’ award. And yes, all I can do is crack a lame joke. I really don’t want to talk about it that much.

Beyond that, I liked how the story-telling worked, in a typical, bait and switch. We see Joe’s sister in a bad situation regarding her adoption, so of course, he’s going to save her. And then…he doesn’t. Mamu gives him the cold shoulder to protect him.

It looks at if the next couple episodes are going to tell us the stories of the various cellmates—there are still five stories to go—and then what direction the show will take, I don’t know. Time will tell. I do know it’ll focus on them after they get out, but while the boys are in the cell, I hope they do more to it then sob story after sob story. They didn’t spend too much time on Spoon’s, and it still had the emotional impact. Joe’s was much longer, but his story was much more complicated. If they try to do something on the same level as Joe’s, I’m just not sure it will work.

One thing I’m really like is Joe’s eyes. I love blue eyed boys, and he is no exception. They’re beautifully animated, and really stand out.

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