Heartcatch Precure 11: Nunchuck Monster!

After having their butts handed to them on a platter, the Precure return to their fantastic episodic episodes life. I mean, where can you go wrong with a nunchuck monster?

My favorite villain, Kurojacky, appears in this episode, but no manly man quotes. Kurojacky is just not the same without his crazy quotes.

Though why do all the villians dislike Dark Precure?

This time the story featured a kid who enjoys kung-fu and his relationship with his younger brother. When the older brother can’t beat the bullies, the younger brother can’t understand this, and runs away. The disillusionment of the younger brother about the older one really tugged at my heart strings. At least, as it does in this show, all’s well that ends well. I hope the courage that the older brother found to defend his younger brother will stay with him.

Also, the only time I find volleyball fun is if I can watch someone else get beat up. Or its sand volleyball and I can build sand castles.

At the end of this episode, it looks Tsubomi has regained her fighting spirit to take on Dark Precure. I think it’ll be awhile before we see that villain again though.

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  1. dood

    *imagines Bruce Lee as a magical girl*


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