Aniblog Tourny Day 1 Predictions

Note: If you do not like what I say about you blog, comment, and I will take it down asap. Any rude comments flaming or making fun of other blogs will be deleted, and that person will find their IEP address blocked. Also, these predictions do not necessarily match who I’m going to vote for. Bias will be present, as I know some blogs better then others.We all understand? Good.

Day 1

Match A: Loli Salad vs Calamitous Intent

Predicted Winner: Loli Salad

These are both fine blogs. Loli Salad seems to posts regarding light novels, manga, music and what we call here on Black and Blue Socks pointless rants. Calamitous Intent seems to focus on visual novels, and art, including her own drawings. Problem is, neither one of them really focus that much in anime. Whether it’s too early in the competition to tell whether the definition of an ‘Aniblog’ matters or not, for now, we’ll assume it does. That said, I consider Loli Salad to be more related to anime than Calamitous Intent.

Match B Sekijitsu vs The Cart Driver

Predicted Winner: The Cart Driver

Sekijitsu really looks cool when first checking it out. There’s a lot of features, weekly artist, featured videos, and just lots and lots of widgets. One problem though. The layout is really confusing, and I’m not even sure where exactly the blog posts are suppose to be. To people visiting for the first time, it may turn them off. Also, they’re up against a tough opponent. The Cart Driver, run by Scamp, and episodic blog also peppered with ‘Pointless Rants’ as well as the addictive ‘No Anime is Dropped Forever.’ Not to mention, he’s a really good writer with a lot of personality. His posts are full of energy, and he’s a pretty funny guy. The main problem this may face, is while Scamp tries everything, he has clear likes and dislikes, and expresses them. He’s an ‘either you love him or hate him’ sort of guy. Luckily for him, most people seem to like him.


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7 responses to “Aniblog Tourny Day 1 Predictions

  1. Did your mommy never teach you not to vote according to who the predicted winner is? VOTE WITH YOUR HEART

  2. “I’m not even sure where exactly the blog posts are suppose to be.”

    Heh, I thought I was the only one who had that reaction. It is very impressive, nonetheless. The work that must have gone into setting all that up boggles me.

  3. The work? Pfffffft. Stick some names, randomly chosen from AnimeNaNo’s OPML file, into a bracket maker.

  4. Thought you were talking about the aniblog tourney. Never mind. Your comment is even less sensical than I assumed.

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