Uraboku 01 impressions

The easiest way to describe the first episode of this is nothing special. Not overly bad, and not overly good.

We get introduced to the main character, Yuki, who’s a reincarnation of a dead girl or something, and a really really nice guy. He’s pure and innocent and what not. Also has an annoying tendency to pick up on people’s worse memories. The first episode played out exactly like the beginning of a visual novel, the introduction of the characters, and a mash-up of strange events that make no sense.

The only characters that even really appealed to me were the couple of the boy and girl that appeared. Everyone else just felt bland. It’s hard to have a handle on what the story is suppose to be on at this point either. As it has the potential and seems like it’ll be decent, I put this on hold, as I have too much on my plate right now, and to be honest, everything that it’s tried to offer in the first episode, there’s already a show that does it better currently airing.


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2 responses to “Uraboku 01 impressions

  1. I also liked those two, especially the girl 🙂 Marina Inoue is great 🙂

  2. Jaya

    I’ve been watching this series for a while now, and I have to say that it does pick up. And when it does, it’s actually quite amazing. There’s beautiful character development along with intense backstories. There is also much time and focus dedicated to human emotions and relationships which to me, once well done, always makes for a good anime. The plot is also quite intriguing. However I would say that it is the characters themselves who steal the show, not the plot.

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