Arakawa Under The Bridge 02

While I’m not going to blog this weekly, if there’s something I want to comment on in the episode, I will. That said.

Nino is the cutest thing. I feel really shallow, this is a great anime, and I’m just drooling over Nino, but hey, if all aliens are hot.

If there is a must-watch of the show, while I won’t say this 100% after the direction Maria Holic took, this is shaping up to be it. By the time it finishes, I want to see a comparison of this to FLCL. But if I want to see it, I’d probably have to do it…

Also, I totally want that nun to run my church. I suppose as I’m Protestant, he’d actually be a minister, but still…


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4 responses to “Arakawa Under The Bridge 02

  1. lelangir

    the Maaya Sakamoto helps a lot too~

  2. I don’t really see how a comparison to FLCL would work… the 2 are very different types of shows.

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