B Gata H Kei 03: Still Going Strong

This show is still managing to be hilarious. I thought by now, it’ll start to get weak, but no, it’s still going strong.

One thing I really liked this episode is the development of Kosuda through his hobby of photography. One thing very impressive about this series is despite being a comedy, it tries to handle the development of the characters and their relationships as well. Rather then doing it sloppily and making it an unimportant background to the story, it actually brings that development to the forefront of the series as well. The one bad thing so far is Yamada hasn’t really developed yet, but I’m predicting she will near the end.

Actually, I sleep.

The humor is still working as well. I thought it’d be starting to wear thin but Yamada’s overreaction and ability to pervert even the biggest of high school anime clichés, such as the School Festival is still amusing.

Another product of Yamada's deranged mind.

Kosuda’s obliviousness to her evil intentions seems impossible, but helps the series along. The contrast between the two is great while Yamada tries to tempt him into giving into lust while he tries to be respectful of her.

Strangely romantic.

Seriously though, how can he not tell he felt a pair of boobs. Probably due to the darkness of the room, he didn’t know she undressed, but still, don’t they have a really unique feel, especially with the nipples and all? Probably the next time he feels some boobies, he’s in for a rather uncomfortable surprise.

The ending scene with them dancing together was too darn cute.

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4 responses to “B Gata H Kei 03: Still Going Strong

  1. Actually, my friends n I thought the seriousness of this episode made it as not funny as the previous ones but… [shrug]

  2. I consider it a perk when a comedy chooses to develop a cogent plot :p assuming they don’t screw it up. As you said this show is really performing quite well so far.

    Haven’t been around in awhile, so missed the whole breaking from BH thing. Nice to see you’ve started your own blog though. One thing that’s been bugging me – are you also posting at Rabbit Poets.. or is that some other Janette? 😛

    • I’m still nervous they will screw up, but time will tell.

      Yeah, it’s a good thing you missed that, it was very messy, what happened. XD Yes, I am also posting at Rabbitpoets. So I’m a Obsessive Compulsive Rabbitpoet now!

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