AniBlog Tourny!

For those of you who don’t know, Scamp decided we weren’t competitive enough in the blogsphere, and getting too close and touchy feely, so he decided that he should host a tournament that pits us against each other in cage fights to the death to see who is the best blog. Though, us going at each with metal pipes and axes won’t matter, as we’re out fighting, the winner is actually going to be determined by a highly mathematical system that counts voters.

Website here: The carnage starts April 19th, 2010

I have chosen for the mascot of Black and Blue Socks Kida from Durarara!! who not only I see a lot of myself is, is an inspiration for me, in my avatar, and one of the best character in Durarara!!, but I’m sure ex-gang member skills is going to help train me for my upcoming cage match. How I won him to my side is a secret, but the guy is self admitted to liking pretty ladies. While, as I don’t blog Durarara!!, so my using him may not make the most sense, his awesomeness can’t be denied.

My first opponent is Aorii of MAJOR Arcana, which is cruel, as friends should not be pitted against friends this early on. Still, I look forward to how this plays out, and hope she was kidding about her secret weapon of a pet tiger. May the best and most moe women win!

May the Most Moe Win!

Though if this is how the match ends, I don't mind.

This will be interesting, as we may find out if a one person blog can stand up to a team blog, and many more fabulous match-ups.

I actually don’t expect that Black and Blue Socks will last long, though I hope my baby puts up a good fight. I am looking foreward to seeing how Rabbitpoets does, which I also blog for, and actually think that over there, we may have a shot at the championship.

I also am helping with the tournament, doing minor things here and here, and pestering Scamp far too much.

Now, I look forward to seeing who all attends, blogging about the beautiful match, but for now, I need to find that cheerleader’s outfit for Kida.

Also, all K-On and Lucky Star images dedicated to Scamp as he really loves those shows.


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9 responses to “AniBlog Tourny!

  1. Oh dear. It’s like the Sakura-Ino match of Naruto (back before filler overtook the show) only with yuri overtones.

  2. Har har har…

    I would like to point out that this wasn’t actually my idea. It was either Shinmaru, RP or Kabetzin (I can never remember how to spell his name) and I was the one who decided to do something about it.

    …I’ve rather stupidly only realised now how much flak I’m going to get for this

  3. Nuuuu I don’t like competition… (TTATT )

    Although this did make me wonder again on why MAJOR is all caps sometimes when you write my blog name?

    • Come to think of it, I’m not sure myself. It’s that way in my blogroll. I guess I thought that’s how you spell it? Or to try to demonstrate the awesomeness of it?

  4. I’m still not sure how this works, but I’ll be keeping tabs. Is it a “readers vote” thing, or what?

    Also, that gang rape thing is less than cool. Just a thought.

    • Readers vote.

      I’m sorry you’re offended. While I don’t like to delve in my personal life or past experiences, I’ve been through some really bad stuff, including rape. I didn’t make this, but whoever did, did so as a joke, and I thought it was funny. I feel, if after everything I’ve been through, I can still laugh at this–and I do get offended and triggered by things–it should still be okay.

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