Angel Beats 03: Let’s start with the theories

Alright. My current theory about this world is that this world consists either of a world of suicide victims, or people who wanted to die. What the goal of this world is, to put them in a better situation, or help them accept their lives, or what not, I’m not sure. Maybe it this world, ‘God’ gives them the ability to reach their potential and atone for throwing away their lives before letting them move on. It seems to be shown in this episode that as soon as a person reaches a state of happiness, they ‘disappear’, either moving on from purgatory into the next world, or reincarnating. Being religious myself, theorizing about what this anime is saying with my prior opinions, and especially where this show was created in a land with a different national religion, it’s hard.

Complex much?

This episode focused on the Diversion section, where as last episode focused solely on Yuri’s division. I didn’t find Iwasama’s story as compelling as Yuri’s, but I still really liked it. Except how she ended up mute didn’t quite click in mind. Regardless, the way she phrased her last statement made me think the stroke didn’t kill her, just that she gave up the will to live, or killed herself. The state of happiness she reached at the end of the episode was beautiful.

The songs Otonashi sung were great as well. There was actually time spent on creating the songs, and they tied in well with the story. There will be copies of the song available, like with K-On, I hope?

A few other things stood out to me in this episode. The scene where Otonashi realizes that getting use to a weapon is something he shouldn’t be doing. Yet, he is. For a moment, he realizes the weight of what’s going on.

The other scene I really liked was that brief moment of humanizing Angel, when she shows the first sign of having emotions. She muses over being placed in the position of the bad guy. I think she’s going to become a more sympathetic character, through Otonashi befriending her. The fact that she just lives in an ordinary school girl was not something I was expecting.

The oh so blatant Howl’s Moving Castle reference was cute.

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10 responses to “Angel Beats 03: Let’s start with the theories

  1. I haven’t seen Howl’s Moving Castle so I didn’t think of that reference. I thought it was from gurren lagann. Forgot what it was called though.

    Also correct me if I am wrong but I believe that in the 2nd episode yurii says that people that are there didn’t commit suicide.

    My guess is that people that go there had a traumatic life and/or death, while still having something they wanted to accomplish in life that they didn’t get a chance to do.

    • Yes, she did say that, but the question of whether you believe what she said or not. To me, Yuri was too defensive. Maybe that is the case, and she just badly executed it. Time will tell.

      • That is a good point. She did seem somewhat…sheepish I think is the word I am looking for. She could have been lying. Though not sure if I see a point in doing so. The question I have is how did the main character die. He lost his memory so he can’t really accomplish what he was supposed to do if he doesn’t remember what it was. Going to laugh so hard though if when he gets his memory back that he new everyone from the previous life.

  2. OneSin

    Interesting episode , makes me think that if we see it from the view that Tenshi is not the “bad guy” , then from Ep 1 , she might be just doing her job as Student council president , since she never retaliated and merely defending herself , Ep 2 with the intention of stopping the productions of weapon as it is revealed in Ep 3 that she is developing her own skills to counter those weapons in the first place.

    • That’s true, everything she’s done is in self defense. And as it’s revealed that while no one dies, they experience pain, she’s probably not too happy right now.

  3. Howl’s Moving castle… Ack, how could i have missed that?? >_<

    anywho, i agree with ya about Iwasawa for the most part. But i still think that a winebottle to the head caused severe brain damage and she succumbed to it. I doubt she killed herself over it.

    alas, if this whole thing means God doesn't exist, then it's a virtual world. but her coming to terms with herself or something… well… i found it tragic if anything.


  4. @crazydave She could have lied about because she was ashamed.

  5. My theory: Otonashi is God, who is using this form to understand the experience of the “flock”. He doesn’t have memories because he didn’t live a real life. He is just there to understand from the perspective of one of his creation. What he learns is that, what seem like just decisions when you literally have a god’s perspective, are experienced as harsh and bitter realities.

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