Heartcatch Precure 10: Do We Have to Go Back To The Main Story?

So first off, I have to ask my readers to be patient with me for the next three weeks. I have AP tests coming up. I also have been suffering from migraines that seem to be caused by allergies. So my output…is a little slow. As I live in one of the top 5 cities for pollen amounts in the United States, it’s actually pretty bad.

That said. This episode returned to the main story of Heartcatch Precure. I don’t want to call the non-story episodes filler, as they’ve done so much to develop the characters but this episode focuses on the story while others have been individual tales about characters.

The first half was just okay. The honest truth is the backbone story is actually the weakest part about Heartcatch Precure. On top of that, the first half was filled with motivational friendship cheese.

However, when a big bad, way more evil then our previous three arrives on earth, things get more interesting. This is Dark Precure, the lady who took out Moonlight Precure way back in episode one.

Sasorina has really grown on me as a character. While she was pretty boring at first, she’s gotten more interesting, and really funny. I was very amused by her this episode, especially as she played soccer/football with her ‘middle school’ team.

Dark Precure appears, and proceeds to easily corner the Precure when the strange gentleman from episode 1 appears again. We still know nothing about him. However, when Precure completely dominates them later, they’re saved again by another character (I think she appeared in Erika’s sister’s episode?) who has some sort of ties to Dark Precure. I have no idea, beyond that it’s probably long and complicated. Partially my lack of a suggestion of how she relates may be because I’m more concerned if she’s suppose to be Erika’s love interest or not.

This episode has really thrown me for a loop as I have no idea where the story is going to go from here. The Precure obviously have to become a lot stronger before defeating Dark Precure is an option. However, are we going to learn more about the mysterious characters in this episode, or some other path, or just back to the same old? I guess I have to wait for next week.

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