Rainbow 01 impressions

This was another show I have been really looking foreword to this season. Question is, would it disappoint me like Senko no Night Raid did?

The truth is, while I think the first episode could have been stronger, rarely does Madhouse disappoint me. The only reason I dropped Rideback was not because it was a bad series, but because I came down with mono. Especially with the success with Kobato, I have faith in them, and believe I know what they’re doing.

The overreactions of people in this episode felt ridiculous. Seriously. A little girl would probably not break down crying, and then chuck her doll out the window. More likely, she’d take it back, stare at them terrified, and then cling to it tightly.

And this wasn’t the only instance of a character overreacting. Many times. It feels like the show is trying to be dark and shocking, but trying to hard to do so. I think they’ll find their groove within another few episodes.

When heard the story of the first guy, I was worried that this whole lot wouldn’t be really bad people, but rather people who did what they did for good reason. Luckily, this wasn’t the case.

I’m really interested in Sakuragi, he’s a enigma, and I’m instantly drawn to his. Not so much the other characters though.

I don’t know who the narrator is, but she has a really nice voice.

I found the story in this very intriguing, and I can’t wait to see where it goes. I also like the atmosphere of the show. I feel like, while nothing much yet, this has the potential to become a very strong series.

That's mature...

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2 responses to “Rainbow 01 impressions

  1. The narrator is Megumi Hayashibara — her stamp is all over the ’90s. And, yes, her voice is awesome.

  2. Lol good to know, I don’t know her at all but I thought there was something very awesome about that narrator.

    Good review, you focused on that overreaction but which yes, to be honest was over-the-top. I think the show hopefully has enough genuine dark bits to keep my interest while surprising me. I am looking forward to the rest.

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