B Gata H Kei episode 2: I make a cameo?!?

There’s a character that looks just like me.

I recently cut my hair shorter, and wear a headband, otherwise, this is dead on.

That moment of weirdness aside, this episode isn’t quite as over the top as the last, but still managed to really amuse me. I like this show. I really do. It appeals to my sense of humor.

The swimming pool was typical slice of life fare, but I like how they did it. Miharu and her boyfriend made for an interesting contrast with Yamada and Kosuda’s awkwardness. I did think the ending to that story was pretty cute though.

One thing that I like about this show is how it takes things that girls, well I, worry about and take it to outrageous levels. While I might worry about various, erm, aspects of sex, I’m not going to buy enough condoms to last for a year, and practice placing a condom on different sized bottles. Such as I can still relate, and yet it’s funny.

I feel bad for my lookalike though. That’s going to end badly…maybe she’ll find another guy or something. Afterall, this is the type of story where the two leads will end up together.

Also, I’m getting tempted to make a folder with all the images B Gata H Kei uses to represent an erection…

These kids are so cute.


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2 responses to “B Gata H Kei episode 2: I make a cameo?!?

  1. Oh,so you appearance similar to Mayu?
    How surprising ~
    That guy has no idea what she up too…hope he still keep his “virginity” until graduation. It’s nice too see Takeshita with her boyfriend,though I wonder if she has any ero-gami spirit around her like Yamada does.

  2. temperus

    Funny you should mention cameos.. other than the hairstyle and F-cup I wasn’t too far off from Takeshita back in the day, in personality too.

    I also like it when it when anime aren’t afraid to make a shallow female lead actually shallow. If the male lead has to be a complete idiot, why not the female lead as well?

    There’s probably nothing more shallow than a teenage girl giggling about polka-dotted condoms, and then buying a dozen cases of them despite being terrified of a boner. I think having Yukari voice Yamada is brilliant – she really has that airhead giggle down pat.

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