Senko no Night Raid episode 1 First and Final Impressions

It took awhile for me to write my impressions on Senko no Night Raid as I wasn’t sure what to say. This was the show I was the most excited about this season, and my boyfriend liked the first episode. However, I was really disappointed. Simply put, what was on the inside doesn’t match the packaging.

But there was still spy drama one might say. Except for me, spy drama, when breaking in, means carefully planned maps and plans, and maybe some nifty gadgets. Not people with superpowers allowing them to godmode their way through the entire thing.

I’ll get my list of complaints out of the way first. I do appreciate them taking it account the language barrier, but I’d like it if they did it right. I didn’t know Chinese, but still, listening to it grated on my ears. I found it almost unbearable.

At first the politics felt really hard to follow, I had a hard time trying to figure what the heck they were saying, and I do know some of the time period. Then the turned around and either on purpose or a fansubbing accident, changed the way it was suppose to be. If Senko no Night Raid wants to be an alternative history, the story must be clear, and all that’s going on must be trackable. Of course, I may just be dumb, but I’d rather not be hard on my intelligence yet.

The characters weren’t that interesting to me, and the truth is, I have no interest in watching a bunch of people run around with superpowers. The spies seem to be a wee bit overpowered as well. A girl who can read minds and see through walls and communicate telepathically? Isn’t that a bit much? Perhaps if the characters had grabbed me, I’d be more excited, but they didn’t.

I did like the action scenes. That was, until they used their superpowers. Sigh.

It’s just, in the end, I’m sure I’m being harder on this then I should be, but I wanted a spy drama. This isn’t a spy drama, in my eyes. I also, after watching the first episode, don’t care enough about anyone or anything that happens to continue. I’m confused and disappointed.

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5 responses to “Senko no Night Raid episode 1 First and Final Impressions

  1. I feel like they added the superpowers cause they weren’t creative enough to come up with those elaborate spy schemes we’d be more interested in seeing…

    It’s like, hey look we have a problem; hey look we have instant hax, problem solved.

  2. I agree in that I am less interested in superheroes than spies, but I will say they did a pretty good job presenting the magic powers.

    My main problems with it were that I don’t care about any of the characters, and the action scenes weren’t very exciting, at least for the first half. The second half, which had the benefit of a setup, with an objective, and, as you say, maps and such, worked better.

  3. tixnoti

    Hearing about superpowers sort of turns me away from this series. I’ll give it a try anyway, seeing as a friend seems to be enjoying episode 2.

    As for the language thing (at the beginning of the episode, right?) I’d gather to say from what I know of the background that there are two guys speaking Chinese. The man with the gun speaks quite smoothly and is probably intended to be native Chinese. The other guy, in fragmented Chinese (and playing the screechy violin), is the Japanese (spy?).

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