How to Train Your Dragon Review

Yes, I am jumping on the Zomg! “How To Train Your Dragon” is amazing bandwagon, but it’s a move I feel worthy of all the hype. The great thing about the competition between Pixar and Dreamworks, is its encouraged Dreamworks to keep pushing to make better and better films. Finally, I believe Dreamworks has reached the level of producing a movie that proves they’re worthy competitors for Pixar. Although I don’t feel “How to Train Your Dragon” is a kid’s movie, although kids can enjoy it, but rather a movie that’s aimed for teenagers and adults. Also, it’s a movie that deserves its PG rating, not a movie that’s actually ‘G’ rated with one cuss word.

Summery: In a world where Vikings have been killing dragons for 300 years, one Viking boy befriends a dragon, and through doing some, realizes their certain perception of dragons is wrong.

Why I Picked It Up: I like fantasies, and the story really appealed to me. While I don’t make it out to the movie theaters all that often, I was on Spring Break this week, making the perfect opportunity to go out and see it.

Why I Finished It: Um, wow. The movie opens with an action scene. However, there’s so much to like about this movie. A storyline where there is more to it then meets the eye, that while not on the level of Pixar stories, was still pretty strong. The pacing was perfect. The characters on their own were interesting, but the relationships between was even better. Especially between the father and the son, which I felt was spot-on. That’s just the Vikings. The dragons themselves were incredibly well-done. I feel that the author might have been a biology major, or at least knows a lot about the topic. Not only were the mannerisms and habits of the dragons well developed, the biodiversity present in the film with the different species of dragons and the different niches they filled was amazing. On top of all this, it even has a fantastic soundtrack.

In the end, it was a huge world that presented an intense and emotional story. It’s one of those films that shows how to do story telling right with a movie, and manages to stuff a lot into it without going overboard.

But: There are a few small inconsistencies, but nothing that really ruins the feel of the story. While the animation was pretty good for Dreamworks, it was still a little rough.

Who would I recommend this to: Anyone who likes fantasies. It’s an example of fantasy at its best.

Rating: 5/5-It was amazing


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3 responses to “How to Train Your Dragon Review

  1. I loved “How to Train Your Dragon,” too. I was not expecting much of it, but I was pleasantly surprised. I’ve seen a lot of animated movies, Pixar and Dreamworks, and besides the Shrek movies I’m usually disappointed in Dreamworks. This movie brought some faith back in them. You’re right that since Pixar has been making so many great movies, Dreamworks really need to compete. Hopefully we’ll continue to see good movies from them.

  2. I went and saw HTTYD with my little sister and a friend of ours and I liked it, too. I don’t usually go into movies with high expectations, but—like Yumeka—I was pleasantly surprised.

    Check out my review, too, if you want:

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