Giant Killing Episode 1 Impressions

Ah man. I like older DEEN stuff, but it seems they have a tendency to ruin whatever they touch these days. The production values on this were terrible. Bad art, and until the end the last five minutes, the execution on this was terrible. Except!

giant killing dr pepper

Yeah! Dr. Pepper!

Except! Those last five minutes. With that, it presented itself as something so awesome that even DEEN couldn’t ruin. I will admit, I’m not a huge sports fan, but I’m enough of one that I think I can enjoy the show. The intensity starting to show, as well as the build-up to what’s probably going to a cutthroat game was great. The idea of having a game so early is definitely an idea I can agree with.

The million dollar question at this point is will the show be most of what was presented in most of this episode, what shined through at the end, or a balance of the two? Will the balance have enough awesome to make it work out? I suppose we’ll see.

It’s a pretty generic story so far. The underdog team and the couch that is suppose to help it. Although the split opinion of the town on him does make it a little more interesting then the typical underdog story.

I also think our ‘Giant Killing’ dude is a pretty cool guy. He didn’t get much screentime, but I can’t wait to see what he does. I love arrogant guys who are full of themselves like this guy, although I don’t know why. He’d be pretty miserable to date, but he’s fun to watch from a distance.

All in all, due to DEEN’s terrible production, I was pretty disappointed in this first episode, but I believe that the show has potential.

Also, polka Japanese is fantastic.

Someone's telling a lie...(Quality DEEN, Quality)

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4 responses to “Giant Killing Episode 1 Impressions

  1. “Yeah! Dr. Pepper!”

    As a decidedly non-sports person, that was one moment I could relate to. Heh.

    Obviously I wasn’t blown away by this episode, but I like the shows where someone tries to do something, and they come up with a plan, and then try to pull it off. For example, though I don’t care about boxing, Hajime no Ippo had this rhythm where the coach would look at tapes of the next opponent, and he would seem really tough, then he would tell Ippo to train doing something weird, like squats, and then there would be the practice fight where it would click, and then in the real fight something would go wrong, but he would manage to use the tactic after all. It became a little formulaic, but it was kind of fun to watch. I get the same vibe from this; they have to go against the tough opponent, but Mr. Giant Killing has a plan.

  2. lol I didn’t even notice the Dr. Pepper. Tatsumi should randomly sponsor stuff each week. How long until we see him eating some Pizza Hut pizza?

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