Where have the fansubbers gone?

This ani-blogger's twitter seems to sum up the situation pretty well...

This season has been struck by a rather surprising problem so far. There are no subs. One has to wonder what happened, are fansubbers burned out, distracted by Easter, busy finishing up FMA:B or all just wanting a piece of the K-On pie. Personally, if it’s the latter, I hope crunchyroll get K-On. I think it’d be funny. It’s actually rather puzzling, beyond Angel Beats, all the shows that look they’ll have great stories have been ignored. Of course, some shows that look like total kids crap have been ignored too.

What shows are currently lacking subs? Ookiku Furikabutte:Season 2, Rainbow, Jewel Pets, SD Gundam Sangokuden Brave Battle Warriors, Hakuouki, Giant Killing, Hime Chen! Otogi Chikku Idol Lilpri, Saikyou Busho-den Sangoku Engi, Metal Fight Beyblade- Explosion, Senkou no Night Raid and Marie & Gali 2.0.

To be fair, we probably don’t need Jewel Pets, SD Gunda, Hime-Chen or Beyblade. It already seemed unlikely Rainbow would get anyone to sub it. Marie & Gali didn’t even have a subber for its first season. Senkou no Night Raid will probably take awhile to sub.

Taken from that list, what’s left it Ookiku Furikabutte, Hakuouki, Giant Killing, and Saikyou Busho-den Sangoku Engi, which look to be at the very least, decent shows, which make it very puzzling that they still lack subs. Is because some of those are sports shows? I thought Cross Game made it clear sports anime can be good. It is that one of them is a video game adaptation, which usually suck? Maybe. And maybe no one cares about the Romance of the Three Kingdoms. Still, for anyone wanting to see any of these shows, it’s a bummer. Giant Killing is one of the shows I was looking forward to the most, giving DEEN the benefit of the doubt.

It’s not like there’s anything we can do about it.

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I can’t just flash fansubbers my boobs.

Still, if this remains a problem in further seasons, this could drastically change the way season previews work. Rather then expecting someone will sub almost everything, it may turn into a guessing game on what WILL be subbed, and what won’t.

Man, it’s still not fair that KissXSis has subs…


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21 responses to “Where have the fansubbers gone?

  1. A new season always slows down the fansubbers as they decide what font to karaoke all the new OPs in (I’m kidding fansubbers! We love you really), so I’m hoping it’s just taking a little long for everyone to get into the swing of things given that it was Easter and all that.

    I can’t believe how many groups grabbed B Gata H Kei though, and even Arakawa Under The Bridge is looking over-subscribed in the fansubbing arena. Hopefully things will even out and all will be well in a week or two – I hate seeing shows go untouched, even when I have no personal intention of watching them.

  2. Mel

    Well if boobs flashing would help, I am quite sure, we can get a whole bunch of girls doing a group picture ^^.
    Or we start a fansub group by ourselves (sry no knowledge of Japanese here ..) and name it accordingly.

  3. people will always go for the more popular stuff… it’s the way of life i suppose with anime, movies, tv. Really does suck for us that wait for the odd ball stuff that is still really good just under all the “popular” people’s radar.

    *cries for her Romance of the Three Kingdoms* ;_;

  4. I think it unfair that you picked up on certain shows (Rainbow just aired today Japanese time if I am not mistaken) and say they have no subs. Aside from speedsubs, fansub groups back in the day took at least 3-4 days, even with the quailty ones, sometimes longer, and I was willing to wait. That was before the sudden emergence of all this crappy new we-r-fast-herp-derp-low-quality-but-we-got-it-out shit. I personally find that annoying.

    The other related reason is that some of these shows have just aired. It is not likely that even speedsubs can sub that fast (around 24 hours is fine).

    It is part of the reason I watched most of the new shows’ first episodes raw. At least that way my first impression will let me know if I want to keep watching it and I can also wait for at-least-decent subs at the same time. Of course that means you have to have a working knowledge of spoken Japanese but sometimes some shows’ understanding can be gleaned from contextual clues. There are also episodic blogs that do those from raws, if you care to get spoiled beforehand that is.

    Finally some fansub groups really take their time because they are also subbing other shows at the same time from previous seasons. All in all I can wait for them if they are of high quality (Frostii is a good example), but then again being able to watch raws now, even if imperfect understanding is a by-product, makes the wait easier to bear.

    • Rainbow aired around Friday or Saturday, and raws have been out. I didn’t pick up on certain shows, I listed all that I know of that’s been aired and not subbed. My statement that it probably won’t be subbed was based off many people saying it in the season preview.

      While some are bad, some fansub groups that produce them fairly quickly are also fairly good.

      I don’t know any Japanese, so I don’t know how much good watching raws would do me…

  5. RP

    gg ragequit the scene right? At least, I can’t remember seeing any subs from them this season. They were by far the most prolific group, they seemed to sub every show.

    • GG something quit, I don’t know the story, although it looked messy. But that’s a good point, them not being around would make a big dent…

    • Well, gg as a group ragequit. Koda formed Pretentious and plans to sub House of Five Leaves, where it’s the only group listed, and Yojou-Han, which Frostii apparently plans to sub as well.

  6. Megami Anime announced plans for Giant Killing on the 6th, but as far as I know they’re working with the bare minimum staff so it’ll probably be a while.

    Saizen has Rainbow on their projects list, but god knows when they’ll actually get it subbed and uploaded.

    The short of it is that there’s still hope out there, just don’t expect speedsubs for either of them. That sucks for me because I was looking forward to those two the most.

  7. @Panther Psgels blogged about the first episode.

  8. Of the new season shows, so far I’ve only watched Working!!, Angel Beats!, Hetalia World Series, Kaichou wa Maid-sama, and K-ON!!, all of which have decent subs for at least their first episode. I’ll probably only check out a few more of the new shows. Hopefully none of the ones I pick will lack fansubbers.

  9. K

    The shows you mentioned like Rainbow, Giant Killing and Senkou no Night Raid have all had their first episodes subbed now. I don’t mind if shows aren’t picked up and distributed immediately after they air – I only mind if they’re not fansubbed at all. Past season’s (past decades’, even…) shows still haven’t been given any English subtitles. Now some of those finally getting picked up is probably never going to happen, but what a happy miracle it would be 😦


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