Top Picks Winter 2010 Awards-Top Seven Shows

First, I forgot to do my favorite opening and closing themes, so I’ll do them real quick.


7. Sora no Woto

While Sora no Woto last third was weaker then the previous third, it started out with a strong two-thirds. A mysterious world that’s slowly unravels as we experience the day to day life of these girls in the army. While the last third was weaker, it did wrap up the story, and did so in a decent way rather then leaving it completely open ended. Although a lot did remain unexplained in the end. While the ending may be the most important part to a show, and better end would have this ranked higher, it still did well enough in the first 2/3 to make it onto the list.


6. Baka to Test to Shokanju

This show had many flaws that I would not deny to anything. However, I still found this very funny, it still made me laugh consistently, and it still earns number six on this list. Part of the fun of this was blogging this show, and the posts I made were some of my highest viewed posts during this season. I guess everyone like my fanservice screenshots that much…


5. Cross Game

Cross Game, while a good show, found itself crippled for a few things this season, mainly a predictable season and an uninteresting baseball game. Also, a disappointing ending, especially in the shipping area for me. Despite that, Cross Game still remained stellar in the slice of life category, delivering some of the best execution I’ve seen of the genre.


4. Heartcatch Precure

Heartcatch Precure has been a huge surprise this season for me. Mainly it’s been a quality magical girl anime. Great bad guys, and battles on the magical girl end. On the normal end, there’s been some great character development of the main character. Also each episode focuses, as magical girl shows do, on helping various people. The stories of the people are really well done, managing to strike a nerve and be relatable. The latest episode, have been featuring characters introduced already in the series rather then random characters.


3. Hanamaru Kindergarten

I think I just have an enormous soft spot for this show. It’s nothing special. It really isn’t. However, it’s an enjoyable little gem that I was able to destress to every week. Near the end, I started to really care for the characters, and interested in what was happening with them, and their lives. Not to mention, those kids were so cute.

2. Durarara!!

I wasn’t too impressed with Durarara!! at first, failing to see the appeal of it. However, I stuck with it, and as the stories of the characters came together, and things go crazier, I really started to get into the show. I think it was the Shizuo centric episode that really made me go, ‘Alright, this show kicks butt.’ Ever since that episode, each episode has only been better and better, concluding with the arch in the previous episode and prepping for a new one. I cannot wait to see what happens this season.



The great thing with this being my opinion, is if I want to say I think Kobato was the best show this season, I can. I did think it was the best show this season. Most people dropped it during its first half, and honestly, it’s first half was fairly weak. Around episode 11, there was a sudden improvement, and suddenly, Kobato was this amazing show. What I really liked is it had realistic slice of life. Characters didn’t do things that weren’t realistic to them to fit a cliché or for drama appeal, but that’s just what they did. I think I’ve made my point now. Watch Kobato already.


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7 responses to “Top Picks Winter 2010 Awards-Top Seven Shows

  1. Hogart

    Always nice to see some love for Kobato. It’s a little minimal and slow at times, but after episode 12 it finally hit that sweet-spot that CLAMP anime adaptations so rarely hit for me.

  2. “Watch Kobato already.”

    Ha ha, I intend to, I’m just waiting ’till I drop some Spring 2010 shows first. Now make Felicia put that gun away!

    Srsly, that moment when F. pulled a gun on Colonel Badguy was the best part of the last third of the season, IMO.

  3. deaky

    LOL @Joojoobees: shows just how lame the villain was if he’s only memorable as a grinning idiot named “Colonel Badguy”, worthy only of having a lead character randomly point a gun at his head. I’ll forget Woto pretty fast, myself. It’s already just military K-On to me again, save for the interesting spider-tanks.

  4. Kobato was a great show. I loved that happy ending – I love Kobato and Fujimoto too much to not have them be together again. The music was so beautiful and just added to the feel as it’s repeated several times in the anime.

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