Top Picks Winter 2010 Awards Part 2: Genre and Misfits Awards

Onto Part 2: Genre and Misfit Awards. Inspired by The Null Set, these awards cover genres and well, random things. Without further to do.

Carry over shows this season: (3) Cross Game, Kimi ni Todoke, Koboto

Shows picked up this season: (6) Baka to Test to Shokanju, Durarara!!, Hanamaru Kindergarten, Heartcatch Precure, Ookami Kakushi and Sora no Woto

Shows Dropped: (1) Dance in the Vampire Bund

Best Action:

Winner: Heartcatch Precure

Who knew two girls kicking butt every episode could be so intense? Yet it is, and there’s yet to been a fight that grabs my interest. With magical girls that actually have to try, and imaginative monsters of the week, this show keeps on giving.

Best Fight:

Winner: Class F vs Class B (Baka no Test no Shokanju)

I really liked this fight. It was hard to tell how it would go, with the various twists and turns, and the manipulation of Himeiji. The ending, was for me, completely unexpected. The ending of the class B rep having to crossdress was just icing on the cake.

Best Comedy:

Winner: Ookami Kakushi Baka to Test to Shokanju

The style of humor present within this show suited me, and as a comedy, I felt it worked pretty well. To work next season, it needs less drama though.

Most Entertaining

Winner: Hanamaru Kindergarten

Here’s the thing with Hanamaru Kindergarten. It wasn’t the best show ever, or anything really special. However, it was incredibly solid, and except for the two sister episodes, it continued to entertain week after week with humor, slice of life, and a bit of drama.

Best Plot

Winner: Durarara!!

There’s so much I want to say, but so much I don’t want to spoil anything. Great characters, great plot (though it takes time to come together), watch it already.

And no Sora no Woto, a plot with potential that while you wrapped it up nicely enough, you blew, does not give your runner-up in this category.

Best Villian

Winner: Kurojacky

One of the great things about Heartcatch Precure is the villains in it. They’re all quirky, and pretty dang amusing to watch. Kuorjacky is my favorite of them all with all his ‘Manly men’ quotes.

Show Most in Need of a Sequel:

I want more nose picking kid.

Winner: Hanamaru Kindergarten

DAMMIT GAINAX, THAT WASN’T AN ENDING. I don’t know if they’ll deliver, but I can hope.

Biggest Surprise This Season

Winner: Heartcatch Precure

Runner-up: Baka to Test to Shokanju

For a show that has a lot of seasons before it, and most of them carrying not that great of a reputation, it’s understandable not to expect much from this. Heartcatch Precure manages to be better then good. Yes, it’s a kid show, yes, it has a lot of merchandising, but it is a great show. Great characters, great action, with the magical girl genre currently lacking, for anyone looking for a magical girl to check out, try this.

Biggest Disappointment

Winner: Ookami Kakushi

Runner-up: Dance in the Vampire Bund

If Ryukishi07 made it, it must be good, right? Wrong. I don’t even know how to explain this…this show is pretty bad. Don’t watch it. If there was nobody with a big name behind it, it wouldn’t be such a big deal. Yet this guy made Higurashi and Umineko. How could this be such a disaster?


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3 responses to “Top Picks Winter 2010 Awards Part 2: Genre and Misfits Awards

  1. deaky

    Given what you’ve watched, I agree with your nominations, but I’m surprised you passed on both Bantorra and Fullmetal Alchemist given the other shows you decided to watch. Bantorra has plenty of good action, FMA has plenty of good characters, and both have very unique and engrossing plots that easily match Durarara.

    I do wonder why you found Hanamaru more entertaining than the likes of Durarara? I liked it, but it was pretty basic stuff overall (epic ED music notwithstanding). It was more of a “mellow out” show for me than an entertainment powerhouse, so I’m curious to hear more.

    • I didn’t watch Bantorra, as during fall seasons, I missed out on a lot of shows due to having swine flu that became pneumonia. I spent a lot of time just sick. I also haven’t watched the first season of FMA, and feel like I should have watched it first, even if the two are completely different. I definitely plan to go back and watch Bantorra at some point.

      The easy cop out answer is I just did. XD Honestly, as highly as I’ve rated Durarara!!, it took 4/5/6 episodes for it to become really appealing for me, while Hanamaru Kindergarten has entertained me the entire show except for one and a half episodes. Being entertained by a show is something that seems to change from person to person, and in the end, is what I got the most enjoyment out of.

      • deaky

        I guess I just wanted to hear if there was any more to it 🙂 I’m alright leaving it at that, of course. I will say that the second ED stole my heart (Space Hanamaru Kindergarten forever!)

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