B Gata H Kei episode 1 impressions

Honestly? I was really amused by this and laughed quite a bit. It reminds me of a quote from Glee, “Here’s a dirty little secret about girls. We think about sex just as much as guys do.” It’s actually kinda refreshing to have the topic of a women’s sexuality presented so bluntly, honestly, and hilariously.

What made this episode work are the two awesome main characters, and the dialogue between them, as well as Yamada’s inner dialogue. Psgels says that the creators seem to understand the characters, and I have to agree. What also helps is the two characters are such a great match. Yamada is forward, and a little too aggressive with what she wants. She doesn’t know how to be subtle, or even the best way to communicate. I wonder if she can even seduce one guy with her good looks, more or less, 100. Her male counterpoint, Kosuda, is shy and comparatively innocent. He has no idea what she wants, and on top of that, doesn’t want to offend her. Miscommunication is present between them. They make an adorable couple.

Hey, that's a reasonable worry.

The ridiculousness of Yamada’s fantasies is fun as well.

But what if he wants you to top?

The end of the episode is what made me laugh the hardest. Be they covered up or not, the first time seeing an erect penis is scary! I don’t know why exactly, except when we’re hearing about the size of an average penis in sex ed, though forget to mention that six seven whatever inches is pretty dang long. And so wide.  And your suppose to do ‘things’ with it. Okay, maybe not scary so much as really overwhelming…ah…they never teach what matters in health class. And I just lost 10+ readers writing about this, including my boyfriend.

Yes, this show is perverted, I’d probably be embarrassed if I wasn’t already 18, and it includes a lot of fanservice, and will and already has offended a lot of people. However, that doesn’t make it any less fun, so if none of the above turn you off, and you want to embrace your inner perv, jump right in. I have no idea if this is a one time episode or if the whole series is to be this funny, but we’ll see.

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