Top Picks-Winter 2010 Awards, Part 1: Cast and Characters

And it is now time to do the season awards! Inspired by The Null Set, I took a break last season due to being in transition between blogs, but this season I return to do it. Starting off is part one, the character and cast awards, where individual characters and casts receive awards.

Carry over shows this season: (3) Cross Game, Kimi ni Todoke, Koboto

Shows picked up this season: (6) Baka to Test to Shokanju, Durarara!!, Hanamaru Kindergarten, Heartcatch Precure, Ookami Kakushi and Sora no Woto

Shows Dropped: (1) Dance in the Vampire Bund

Best Female Main Character

Winner: Kobato from Kobato

Runner-Up: Celty from Durarara!!

It’s hard not to love Kobato. She’s so charming and good hearted. Especially when she stops being so stupid it’s ridiculous and instead is just clueless enough to be adorable, which is what happened to her in the second half of Kobato. She really turns into a character that you cheer on her endeavors and wish the best for, no matter how hopeless they may be.

Best Male Main Character

Winner: Tsuchi from Hanamaru Kindergarten

This season wasn’t that great for male main characters, except for Tsuchi, who a pretty  good character. He was an adult for one, something you don’t see too often in anime. While he was your typical loser, he was a fleshed out typical loser. Tsuchi had a messy apartment, stayed up too late playing video games, enjoyed his naughty magazines, etc. He also was shy and awkward. That didn’t change the fact that he was kind, caring, and an overall good guy.

Best Female Supporting Character:

Winner: Phylica from Sora no Woto

Phylica was just amazing. Whether she was acting as mother hen to the girls, playing a godmother, threatening an evil general, dealing with PTSD, or just flat out being ditzy, she never failed to please me.

Best Male Supporting Character

Winner: Kida from Durarara!!

Runner-Up: Azuma from Cross Game

Sometime it’s hard to define a supporting character, more so in Durarara!! Despite getting to narrate an episode, I still define him as only a supporting character, as he’s out of the loop with what’s happening in the Dollars. Still, he’s my favorite character in Durarara!!, partially because he’s such a nutter, partially because he’s got the two face act going on, and partially because he’s so similar to me, it’s kinda eerie.

Best Screengrabber:

Winner: Celty from Durarara!!

It didn’t matter whether Celty was at work, where she was decked out in a cat eared helmet, a spiffy motorcycle that neighed and an awesome scythe, or whether she was at home being her headless self with smoke coming out of her stub, Celty never failed to catch the eye.

Best Couple

Winner: Shouko and Yuuji from Baka to Test to Shokanju

Runner-up: Kobato and Fugimoto

The dynamics between Shouko and Yuuji are great. Whether it’s Shouko showing her possessiveness and own version of love for Yuuji, or Yuuji pretending he doesn’t care about Shouko, these two are great.

Best Character/Ability Power

Winner: The ability to throw junk/mainly vending machines around after snapping stuff

Runner-Up: The ability to blow fireballs despite being a stuffed dog

SHIZUO SMASH! It never ever gets old.

Best Cast of Characters:

Winner: Durarara!!

Runner Up: Baka to Test to Shokanju

While an intertwining story is taking place, the true draw of Durarara!! is the characters, and my, what a vivid cast we have. From three (not really) normal teenagers to a Dullahan, and many character inbetween, including an otaku gang, a Russian sushi guy, a black market doctor, and many nutters.

Best Development for a Cast

Winner: Kobato

The changes the cast of Kobato undergoes between it’s first half and second half is amazing. While the first half fleshes them out, the second half has many of them undergo changes that force them to change and develop.

Best Development of a Single Character

Winner: Kobato from Kobato

See above. Kobato is the character that changes the most, as she learns to understand the world. One really does get the sense of Kobato growing up over the course of the year, and that really seems to come together in the ending.


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8 responses to “Top Picks-Winter 2010 Awards, Part 1: Cast and Characters

  1. mefloraine

    Shouko x Yuuji forevar!

  2. deaky

    Shinra and Celty were my fave “couple”, if you can call them that.

  3. I only watched one episode of Kobato, so I’m surprised to see it winning so many categories. I suppose I’ll have to put it on the list of things deserving another try when I get the chance.

  4. I thought Rio was better myself but [shrug]

    Shouko x Yuuji is definitely the best, been a while since I wanted to see two people get together so much xD I’m still waiting for the reason why Yuuji is still pushing Shouko aside despite obviously liking her… maybe something like “I won’t marry you until I beat you” <3<3<3

    • Well, the great thing about this is it’s all opinion, so you can think about your own choices. :] Rio never grew on me, though she has awesome jazz skills.

      I think he just wants to look cool, and it’s hard to be cool when you’re under a woman’s thumb. Though he is anyway…Shouko makes sure of that…

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