Ookami Kakushi Review

People who picked up Ookami Kakushi and watched it all the way through, myself included, seemed to go through the following phases. Optimism: The show is going to be great! Doubt: Okay, this isn’t it a great start, but give it a chance, it’ll get good. Denial: No way it’s that bad! The story is going somewhere amazing, I’m sure. Acceptance: Okay, it really is that bad. Amusment: Hey, this is so bad, it’s funny. (Usually comes around 10, 11, or 12)

Summery: Useless Hiroshi ends up in a town where strange happening are happening, people go missing, and suddenly, people keep trying to have sex with him. He does nothing while the only characters who do anything useful are Kadame or Nemuru.

Episode Count: 12

Why I Picked It Up: Ryukishi07 made the visual novel. It must be good, right?

Why I Finished This: I actually dropped this at one point, but picked it back up. I couldn’t fight it, the theme song was so catchy. Nemuru was so cool. At the end, the real reason I was watching it was so I could understand Rabbitpoet and Shinmaru’s posts making fun of it. Their posts were truly hilarious.

But: The central point to any anime working, I think, is the main character. They don’t have to be the best character on the show, but they have to work. Hiroshi is the worst main character I’ve ever seen. While there was a decent to awesome supporting cast of characters, he takes up most of the screentime doing nothing. Not to mention the plot is completely ridiculous. The abandon the premise with potential for some half baked ‘save the town’ story that makes little sense with a terrible villain. Did I mention good villains matter as well? They do. Nothing is ever really explained, the story just ends up a ‘let’s accept everyone even if they try to kill us’ message. Ugh…

Who Would I Recommend This To: No one.

Final Rating: 1/5-It was so bad, it actually became funny.

Mal Rating: 4


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4 responses to “Ookami Kakushi Review

  1. Hogart

    I wasn’t expecting much to begin with and so I’m not as disappointed.. but you’re right. Kakushi was like a case study in how to NOT do a plot-driven anime. Like a lot of shows this season, it didn’t build itself very well and then it ultimately jerked us around with a really lame ending.

    The most damning thing is that it had no real draw.. Railgun, Woto, and Bund could get away with basically the same set of issues because they conjured up relatively interesting settings and/or knew their audience well enough to deliver some kind of fanservice. It’s easier to forgive an otherwise lousy anime if it at least knows it’s audience.

  2. The phases sound accurate to me. :p

    I’m a horror enthusiast, so I liked the way the series seemed to be playing around with horror tropes in the beginning … until it was suddenly the middle of the series, and the show had nothing to show for its efforts. And then it just keeps getting worse until the viewer has to accept that sanity must be thrown to the wayside with this show.

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