Baka to Test to Shokanju episode 13: The End

This was the final episode to try to wrap everything up…except for the romantic storyline, but it’s pretty obvious by now how things lie there. Akahisa’s just an idiot about how Himeiji feels. Since this was an episode to wrap things up, there was very little humor in this episode, but rather, it focused heavily on the drama. This show doesn’t downright suck at doing the drama, but it could do better. I much prefer it being funny.

Random theme song in the background.

Shocked by their sudden defeat, Akahisa begs the principal for the chance for a rematch against Class A, they get one with a direct face-off between Akahisa and Shouko, and Akahisa wins. For winning, Himeiji gets to take the entrance exam again, and flunks on purpose to stay in class F. The end.

When a girl says this, you're screwed.

I suppose it wraps it up well enough, but at the same time, it’s so predictable. I haven’t liked any ending this season beyond Kobato, this included.

Though Shouko and Yuuji trying to get married was pretty amusing. Unfortunately, age gets in the way of their true pure love…

Who's the random fat guy?

I also stand by the Principal being one of the best characters in this show. I liked seeing Mizuki again as well. She’s so dang cute.

This is scary, coming from him...

In this episode, they announced season 2. Congrats? It’s very daring for a new company to be already moving on to a sequel, but I wish them the best of luck. I also hope they decide to make some other shows at some point.

Some of the girls make a cameo in the final episode...I wish Hideyoshi got to appear with his sister, but she's not cool enough, apparently.

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