Heartcatch Precure 08: They’re so cute even when they’re mad!

In this episode, we return to Erika’s story and the tension between her and her sister.

I guess that's one way to view the issue.

I felt really sorry for Momo. I always do toward characters suffering from loneliness, especially when they’re in her position. One of the problems of being unusually pretty or charismatic is it actually serves to intimidate other people and unless the person figures out to make it work for them, can actually lead to being lonely, even when surrounded by fans or people who look up to them. On top of that, high school is a lonely time. The fact that Momo is famous as well doesn’t help at all.

There were a lot of little things I liked in this episode. One of them was the chance to look at the villains chilling out. Seeing the evil lady reading the fashion magazine was amusing. I liked the humanization of villains. They’re evil people bent of destroying our heroes, but that doesn’t mean they don’t like to relax in their free time.

The other thing I enjoyed was the battle itself, and not just because the make-up monster shot out rockets. Seeing Erika’s reaction to the monster being her sister and hampering her ability to fight was a nice little touch. Then there was the fact that Momo was jealous of Erika. Interesting, as Erika was jealous of Momo.

I think I need to collect all these 'manly' quotes.

On a side note, how long are the opening themes going to be advertising for the Precure movie? I’m getting sick of them. At some point, I will have seen the entire movie through the openings alone.

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