Hanamaru Kindergarten Review

Tsuchi starts his job as a first year teacher at a kindergarten. He falls in love with a teacher, and also has one of his charges fall for him.

Why I Picked It Up: Gainax doing a show about kindergarteners? Such a strange combo, I had to see it.

Why I Finished It: Hanamaru Kindergarten is a very solid show. It never turns into something amazing, but manages to be pretty entertaining and a nice show to unwind to week after week. Given that each episode has two stories, for the most part, even if one fell flat, there was another chance to make it up. The characters weren’t that complex, but most of them worked. Especially the kindergarteners, which are too darn cute. The show did get weak in the middle with the annoying little sister, but it comes back up to the typical strength of the show, being that while it wasn’t amazing, it was solid.

But: With so many characters, they didn’t get too terribly much screentime. I would have loved to see Hinajinku more, but it didn’t happen. Also, Tsuchi has a really annoying little sister that makes for two episodes in the middle almost unbearable. The romance in the show does not deliver, and ends on a disappointing point, with a lack of conclusion. It doesn’t help that Yamamoto is a weak character who density is beyond even plausible.

Who would I recommend this to: Anyone looking for a simple show they can just relax and enjoy that doesn’t mind a whole lot of cute.

Final rating: 3/5-I liked it.

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