What was your favorite Hanamaru Ending?

One of the charms of this show was that there was a new ending theme for each episode. Not that every episode is over…which one was your favorite? Here’s a run down of all the different endings.

Episode 1:

Hanamaru in Wonderland.

Episode 2

Monster movies and Hanamaru in space.

Episode 3

An artsy 'I have no idea how to describe this'

Episode 4

Starts off with the romance of Anzu's mom and dad, then onto Anzu antics.

Episode 5

Koume walking in the rain.

Koume walking under an umbrella

Episode 6

French silent movie

Episode 7 didn’t have an ending theme as they were too busy with the younger sister. Grrrr…

Episode 8

Hinajinku ending

Episode 9

Real photos

Hanamaru 10

Horror ending

Hanamaru ending 11

Wacky ending with two of the teachers

Hanamaru 12

Anzu and her Mommy.

My personal favorite is Episode’s 7 theme, but I really liked 11 as well.


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8 responses to “What was your favorite Hanamaru Ending?

  1. temperus

    By the gods – episode two’s all the way! Seven and eight were nice, but two was just EPIC. Came outta nowhere, making me wish the whole series was based on a space-opera with cute kids and lonely adults.. like the Seikai series but more down-to-earth. Honestly, the EDs saved this series for me.

  2. Toss up between the crazy french silent film one and the space opera

  3. Mecha ending by a hair over the silent film ending (which was probably my favorite ED song) and the horror ending, which had a lot of funny references that made me laugh.

  4. I would have to go with episode 2. It was just so amusing seeing the cute little kinders amongst mecha/monster action. Episode 12’s ending was sweet and the first one was very cute. They all had their charm I suppose.

  5. It was actually 6 that lacked an ending and 7 that had the silent movie. 😉

    And I’m going to have to follow the trend and go with episode 2 as my favorite. Hiiragi the space monster is just too much to pass up.

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