Drama over reflection

I guess this for anyone who missed the news, drama over, and Rakuen and I made up. It seemed things built up from our refusal to speak to each other, and then finally exploded.

Unfortunately, it didn’t go completely well, CJ wasn’t willing to make up, and anyone who views the conversation can see why. I’m disappointed on that end, but, zero response to points she was pressed on and constant insulting does not make for good diplomacy.

I glad it’s pretty much over and resolved. I don’t mind all my dirty laundry being out there for everyone to see, as I said many many times over, it’s not as if I lied in the first place. Furthermore, it gives anyone who gives a crap a chance to asses the situation and come to their own conclusion as for the most part both sides are out in the open. It’s not 100% the case as CJ didn’t really reveal her side, but she did have her chance. I feel like that both sides being out there is more important then anything else.

Now, it’s just nice to be able to move forward and leave this behind me.

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