Heartcatch Precure 07: He is actually a she?

I seriously would have never guessed that he was a she. Don’t worry Tsubomi, you can always be a lesbian! Given that the president likes cute things, I doubt she’d object to this idea.

Don't give up hope!

It’s interesting how the monsters are getting more dangerous. We’ve gone from them just smashing things to turning people into stone. I wonder if we’ll see them steadily get more powerful.

Also, watching the monster turn on its creator was horribly amusing. While are heroes are bumbling along, it looks as if the bad guys aren’t doing much better…

Overall, I really liked this episode. It was pretty shocking, but also well executed. I really felt bad for the student council president, not being able to completely be who she wanted. If seems as if she wants to have friends, not just be admired by all the girls. Although she really loved that rabbit gift…so I don’t think she minds her status too much…

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