I’m losing respect for Funimation

I’m honestly losing all respect for Funimation as a company.

First was the incident with them, and the popular torreting website, Tokyotosho. They asked Tokyotosho to take down some torrents. Tokyotosho did. They turned around and complained to the host server, causing Tokyotosho to go down, and invoking much rage in fandom. To prove a point to myself, and went and downloaded every Funimation series I could—if Funimation goes down, I lose nothing.

Then there is this nonsense with censoring Dance in the Vampire Bund. Moritheil at Anime Diet wrote a great post about the issue, and I would rather direct people to that post. However, this is also met with a mix of confusion and digust? Dance in the Vampire Bund is not a good show. It’s actually so bad, that I even dropped it, and I don’t even drop things easily. It’s not as if it’s a great hit like Durarara!!, so their interest in it is a tad confusing.

Also, helped by the incredibly ugly art of the show, the supposed nudity is not titillating in the least. If you can call any of it titillating, it is in the theme song, and even then, it’s censored there.

So the question remains, if you’re going to censor it, why license it anyway?

I do support the idea of buying licensed series(although I like to watch the series first and find out if I like it), but if Funimation is going to continue practices, that not only disgust me, but continue to cause me to believe they’re losing sight of their target audience, then forget it. I’m not going to buy their products and rather enjoy my fansubs.

At the very least, maybe we can get the manga licensed over here—uncensored.

Under the cut, I have provided some censored images to help inspire Funimation. Okay, I admit they’re not that funny, but I want to cool off now.

First, censor anything regarding Mira!

Anything that’s probably consider sexual, like boobs

Oh, and you know the naughty things you can do with faces? Let’s censor those too…

And well, you’re getting the idea, right Funi?


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2 responses to “I’m losing respect for Funimation

  1. FUNimation is not at fault here, they were pressured into this by the progressive movement. See my article for detailed analysis of the situation.

    • I have to respectfully disagree, as despite what outside influences were present, they were in control of their decision, and made the final choice to do this.

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