Heartcatch Precure 05: Ramen makes great monsters

This was an interesting episode. While it was the typical helping the kid in trouble, that is the standard for not only this series, but most magical girl series, it took on a different air. It dropped the lighthearted tone and went for a serious mood, although it still had funny bits.

The new villain that was introduced in this episode was fab-U-lous. I absolutely love these flamboyant types, such as Harley from the Pokemon series, and this guy goes all out. I was incredibly amused when he gave autographed pictures to the girls.

Mr. Cellophane should have been my name~

The ramen monster is so far my favorite of the monsters we’ve seen so far. I mean, using the naruto and other things floating in it as weapons? So cool. It also made my hungry for ramen. I really do have to try real ramen someday and not that cheap stuff they sell at the grocery store.

While the story between the boy and father was simple, it was very realistic, and brings out a common insecurity. I especially love the conflicted feelings present within the kid. Luckily, it had a happy ending.

Also, the reminder in the Precure OP about the upcoming movie? I thought that Precure Blossom and Precure Marine looked the best.


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2 responses to “Heartcatch Precure 05: Ramen makes great monsters

  1. mefloraine

    …fighting foodons!

  2. leecher

    Heartcatch need more tentacles

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