Sora no Woto episode 10: Some mysteries solved

Holy info dump Batman! Though it was well executed, a lot was revealed in this episode.

This is my guess, but it seems that Rome has continued to keep fighting after the war that wiped out everything, and the peace talks we keep hearing about are between Rome and other countries. Erm, I’m not the best at politics.

However, the existence of Rome is a big deal, as in our current world history, the Holy Roman Empire doesn’t exist anymore. Rather it dissolved, was a bunch of loose states, and then Prussia unified them to form Germany. Thus, our current Rome is either from an alternative world history where Rome never collapsed, or a world where Germany collapsed, and came back to life as the Holy Roman Empire. I’m thinking it’s an alternative world history.

Although the amusing/disturbing thing, is in a way, even though it’s called Rome, it’s Germany going to war and causing trouble for everyone. Har har har. Go figure.

In this episode, Rio decides to return back home. Probably what’s ahead of her is an unhappy but needed path to marry the Roman Empire in her dead sister’s steed. Kureha already explained to us why this sucks, but with the peace negotiations going badly, I don’t think Rio has much choice. Right now, this world doesn’t need more war to tear it apart. I just wish there was another way for, but Rio has accepted her fate. The question is will Rome accept a child out of forbidden love?

It’s hard to imagine the story going on without Rio. While I have predictions, I’m not entirely sure what path this anime will now go. It seems we won’t have the bloody battle at the end that I’ve been predicting. Then again, I have a hard time seeing this anime go out without a bang, or end on an anti-climatic note. I guess the question is, will Rio get there in time to prevent the Roman Army from wiping out Seize?

On another note, learning about the history of Seize was pretty cool. That explains a lot, Seize formerly being a tourist town.


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4 responses to “Sora no Woto episode 10: Some mysteries solved

  1. Actually, I’d say any of the Roman Empires with exception to the Eastern Roman Empire (so Western and both the Holies) were more violent than Germany ever was. At least Germany had some peaceful days before the world powers were more settled in the late renaissance and industrial ages… but I’m going off lol…

    • Hehe, that’s okay, you’re actually right about HRE being more violent. There violence is what lead to their downfall. Part of what confuses me about this being an alt history is I don’t see how the HRE could survive, but that does seem more likely then Germany rising from the ashes and changing their name.

      It’s more, ‘Yep, it’s that area of the world causing war…again…” XD

  2. Right now I’m more inclined to believe that the their world is still in the middle of an apocalypse. At first we were led to believe the apocalypse had already happened, then they reveal that the timeframe the fights were taking place is much more compressed, since both Rio and Felicia already have combat experience. Now they’re saying the war periods haven’t actually ended. We’re learning that the apocalypse of their world is a much longer process, and I believe the girls will get to see the end of it. The two-year peace process is shaping up to be the calm before the final storm. A theme of a dying world has been present throughout the whole series, so I don’t think we’ll get to see a truly happy ending.

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