Kobato episode 20: Kobato uses flail!

This episode brought us a Tsubasa cameo and the Valentine’s episode all in one.

Kobato uses flail! It's super effective on Fugimoto!

The Tsubasa cameo was surprisingly good, and enjoyable to me. The thing is, I dislike Tsubasa for what it did to xxxholic and on its own, just don’t find it that good a series. However, their appearance worked in this episode, helped by the appearance of Mokona. I always seem to like Mokona, no matter where they appear, and this one has quite a bit of personality. His interactions with Ioryogi were amusing.


Also, after this episode, I’m going to have the creeping suspicion that my plush Mokonas (I have a white and black one) move when I’m not looking and sing when I’m not home. Ah well. It’s not the most worrying concern to have out there.

Twins seperated by worlds...

The Valentine’s Day part of the episode was actually slightly different then the norm. Rather then worrying about giving a chocolate to a guy, she works to give the nursery a Valentine’s Day party. Sure, she thinks about giving chocolate to Fugimoto, but she doesn’t obsess it the whole episode.

While Kobato started off on the weaker end, I feel at the end, I’m going to compare a lot of slice of lifes, and get annoyed if they aren’t as well done as Kobato. I don’t know what exactly I’m trying to say here, but it’s as Kobato at this point just isn’t forcing drama, but letting things flow naturally. I mean, its part fantasy, and over the top at points, but it serves to entertain, not annoy. Just because events happen that you see in all other series, such a V-day doesn’t mean the exact same drama happens. Rather, Kobato focuses on what makes sense for her to focus on.

Mokana + Kobato = A new level of enthusiasm

Fugimoto and Kobato’s relationship has progressed a lot. Fugimoto, while he’s still his pessimistic self, has started to regard Kobato affectionately, and appreciate what she tries to do. He’s come such a long way.


We also now know the key to knowing to Kobato’s identity is hidden under her hat, though I think it’s a safe bet she’s not human. We also get some glimpse of who she misses, a man who looks strangely like Fugimoto. I just hope we don’t get some creepy plot twist like that she’s Fugimoto’s mom or something. I put absolutely nothing past CLAMP.

From the end of the series, and the preview of the next episode, I’m guessing the next four episodes will focus on tying up the plot ends. I honestly hope this is the case, the manga isn’t finished, but I want this series to have a real ending.

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